Sunday , 1 May 2016

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Will Nostalrius live again? Blizzard agrees to meet! VIDEO


About a week ago I mentioned that Blizzard had shut down a popular legacy server known as Nostalrius, a privately owned World of Warcraft server that ran only the original game. Now it appears Blizzard is starting to sing a different tune. Here is a recent comment from Blizzard. We’ve recently been in contact with some of the folks who operated ...

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Whispers of the Old Gods Release Date

A troll ready to play hearth stone

Blizzard just announced on its Twitter and main website the release date for the next Hearthstone expansion. Whispers of the Old Gods will begin spreading its fear on April 26th in America and in Europe and on the 27th in Asia. The latest expansion consists of a 134 new cards along with the re-tweaking of several old favorites. Along with the ...

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All Battle.Net Games Hit Hard After DDoS Attack


A DDoS attack hit the Blizzard datacenter earlier today causing all of the games currently powered by to be completely unavailable. The hacking group that has been responsible for attacks on both Xbox Live and Playstation Plus, the Lizard Squad, has claimed responsibility for this attack like the petulant children they are. They are also claiming that they have ...

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BlizzCon 2016 Dates and Details


Blizzard Entertainment released 2016’s details today for the yearly gaming convention, BlizzCon. The convention itself is in November but the dates for purchasing tickets to the convention are April 20th and April 23rd. In today’s press release, Blizzard made the announcement that the dates for the convention will be November 4th and 5th at the Anaheim Convention Center in Southern ...

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Warcraft’s Durotan 18″ Full Figure BlizzCon Edition


    JAKKS BIG FIG has done it again with the latest figure to bring a beloved fictional character to life, even if it is for the Horde. Meet Durotan, son of Garad and father of Thrall, this Orc hero and the chieftain of the Frostwolf clan is featured in the highly anticipated Legendary’s upcoming Warcraft film. Fans of this franchise may also ...

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New Cinematic Trailer for World of Warcraft’s Legion


Here is a new Trailer for World of Warcraft’s upcoming expansion Legion. The assault on Azeroth begins in the Broken Isles next summer when the burning legion starts summoning a Dark Titan into our world. All factions must work together to stem the invasion. Will you be one of them?

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World of Warcraft Introduces the New WoW Token


World of Warcraft has just announced a new way for players to exchange their gold and game time between one another. The item that allows players to do this has been dubbed the WoW Token.  This new way of exchange will require players to purchase the Token through the in-game Shop.  Players can then sell it through the Auction house for gold ...

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