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See X-23 Show Her Claws in the New Logan Trailer!

black and white portrait of Hugh Jackman as Logan

Old man Logan is looking to go out with a bang. Logan will be Hugh Jackman’s ninth time playing the iconic Wolverine, and it looks to be his best. 20th Century Fox released a second, and final theatrical trailer for Logan and it’s even better than the first. Take a look: Logan looks PHENOMENAL! I love that Xavier/Patrick Stewart is …

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X-Force and More to be Set Up in Deadpool 2 Says Writers

While it appears that the main X-Men team heading a little more towards television lately, their presence will still very much be felt on film with Logan in a couple of months, New Mutants gearing up, and of course the much awaited, Deadpool 2. Though it seems the eagerly anticipated sequel might be helping to lay some ground for another …

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Fox’s X-Men TV Series Closer to Pilot, No Legion Crossover

90's X-Men

Fox is drawing nearer to placing an order for a pilot of the X-Men TV drama in pre-production. Following the success of Disney’s Marvel properties on Netflix, this prospect may provide more choice and competition. Choice and competition are obviously great news for comic book fans everywhere. So, what do we know about this possible TV show? Well, we know it will …

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James McAvoy May Be Back As Professor X in New Mutants

We could be seeing Professor X in New Mutants The New Mutants is in pre-production right now, and rumors are beginning to swirl. Many expect classic New Mutants characters such as Mirage, Wolfsbane, Sunspot, Cannonball, Magik and Warlock to appear in the film. Rumored star of the film, Anya Taylor-Joy, may have let a few spoilers slip about the upcoming movie in an …

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FX Releases Mind Blowing First Poster for X-Men Series Legion

Anticipation is still building for the first live-action X-Men series, Legion and the first poster for the series was released today. Simple and honestly says a lot about main character, David Haller. Played by Dan Stevens, Haller is a mutant with schizophrenia and child of X-Men founder and leader, Professor Charles Xavier. The many voices Dan hears in his head …

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X-Men’s Legion Premiere Date and Trailer! (Potential Spoilers)


FX has just released the news that their new Legion series will premiere on Wednesday, February 8 at 10 PM ET/PT! For those of you nerds who have yet to hear; Legion will take place in the X-Men universe and is based off of the Marvel Comics series by Chris Claremont and Bill Sienkiewicz. Spoilers Below! In the comics, David Charles …

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Marvel has Enough Movies for a ‘Number of Lifetimes’

After the widely successful release of Doctor Strange, us fans are starting to wonder, what’s gonna come after Infinity Wars? Sure Avengers 4 won’t hit theaters until early 2019, but, after an 8-year Marvel movie franchise, we’re left pondering, what’s next? Rest assured Marvel fans everywhere, head honcho Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, isn’t concerned at all. There’s been a …

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Deadpool and Guardians Swap Characters. Fair Trade?

Screenshots of Deadpool and Star-Lord side by side

One of the most interesting – and frustrating – dynamics in the world of comic book movies is character rights. This is obvious in the tense relationship between 20th Century Fox and Marvel. Sony decided to play nice with Spider-Man recently, so did Fox make an effort with Deadpool, too? Kind of. At a special Q&A at Fox this past weekend, Ryan …

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Is the X-Men Franchise Due for a Reboot?

Fox’s X-Men universe is a unique one in the world of movies. They have given us a trilogy, a series of prequels, some spin-offs, and a weird timeline-blurring combination of all those elements. Talk about unconventional storytelling. The series of films began in 2000 with the logically titled X-Men. Over the years, the studio proceeded to give us a total of a whopping …

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Coming Soon! Funko has Unveiled Classic X-Men Pops

Set of 6 classic x-men funko pop including sabretooth, cable, psylocke, storm, archangel, and quicksilver

Funko has unveiled an expansion to the X-Men vinyl figure line that introduces the more classic styles of a few fan favorites. These classics include Cable, Psylocke, Sabretooth, Storm, Archangel, and Quicksilver. The line is set to release in January of 2017. Personally, I’m stoked for the Sabretooth. He is absolutely adorable!   Pre-orders for the Funko line are available …

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