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This gameplay video for Atlus’ upcoming Abyss Odyssey shows off what gamers can expect in the early goings after they boot up the game. We’ve got hack and slash action, looting, shopping and more with short tips accompanying different spots for us newbs. The game will offer up local and online co-op for those times when you want to game with a buddy during the procedurally generated environments.

Abyss Odyssey drops July 15th for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


Today is Bungie Day and the fabled shooter maker dropped a nice amount of info on their upcoming multi-platform game Destiny including beta dates, contents on their various Collector’s Editions and even DLC plans. Hold on to your rifles geeks, we’re heading in!

First up is the beta, it’s scheduled to hit the PS4 and PS3 first on July 17th where it will run for four days until the 21st. It will be down for maintenance the 21st and 22nd, coming back online around 10 a.m. PDT on the 23rd. At that time Xbox One and 360 owners of Destiny will have access to the beta through its conclusion on the, wait for it, 23rd. Yes, that’s right, Xbox users get the damn shaft and only get a couple of days with the beta. How the hell can they properly test it with only two days? Eff if I know.Destiny will be no stranger to multiple SKUs as Bungie┬áhas announced a small handful of editions to launch in September. For the low, low price of $99.99 gamers can purchase the Destiny Limited Edition which nets them the game in a steelbook case, a Guardian Folio case which includes: Arms & Armament Field Guide, Postcards from the Golden Age and Antique Star Chart, the Collector’s Edition Digital Content Pack which has inside: special Ghost casing, Exclusive Player Emblem and Exclusive Player Ship variant. Also included is the Destiny Expansion Pass, a set of expansion packs that bring more story missions, co-op, multiplayer, weapons, armor and more to the game. The two expansion packs are set to have exclusive content for the PS3 and PS4 through Fall of 2015. The packs are named Dark Below and House of Wolves.

For an extra $50, hardcore Bungieites can snag the Destiny Ghost Edition which gives everything in the Limited Edition as well as a Ghost replica featuring lights and voice clips from Peter Dinklage, a letter of introduction and Golden Age Relics which are a patch, photo, sticker and two chrome sides of the Traveler. Digital only fans who buy the Destiny Digital Guardian Edition will get the Destiny Expansion Pass and the Collector’s Edition Digital Content Pack. No pricing was as yet given for that version but I imagine it will be around the $79.99 ball park.


Those not interested in buying the Limited Edition will be able to buy the expansion packs at a later date but they’re rumored to be around $40-50 for them so you’re better off ponying up the dough for the fancy pants edition.