Monday , 8 February 2016

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Remastered, Backward Compatibility, or Downloads


00 Ever since Microsoft said the Xbox One will have backwards compatibility, it makes me wonder do you really need it anymore? I understand the blasts from the past are always fun and can bring you to a happier time in your life. But really is it needed? Having backward capabilities is always a plus when most games cost an arm ...

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YouTube, Xbox, Google Play, and Sony Created Site Offering a Streaming of ‘The Interview’ Today (Christmas Eve)


00 The Interview, despite threats from hackers, will be released on YouTube according to Sony Pictures.  Sony Pictures has also confirmed that the Seth Rogen and James Franco film will also be available on other platforms such as GooglePlay, Xbox, and on their own Sony website. Sony has decided to take their game with the hackers in a different direction. ...

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Geeky game review: Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved


00 My Kinect for Xbox 360 collects a lot of dust, I haven’t found much use for it. I mean sure I’ve played a few games but it’s felt more like a gimmick than a full-fledged experience. I need that thing, that one defining moment, to make me glad I purchased the gosh darn thing. Now I think I may ...

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Xbox Live Goes Offline Monday Night and Blame is Claimed by Hacker Group


00 Xbox Live was down on Monday and reports came filing in from members saying they could not connect.  A hacker group known as Lizard Squad made the claim on their Twitter account that they were responsible for taking Xbox Live offline using DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks. Xbox Live #offline — Lizard Squad (@LizardPatrol) December 2, 2014 Lizard Squad has a history ...

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New Abyss Odyssey vid, comes out July 15th.

abyss pit

00 This gameplay video for Atlus’ upcoming Abyss Odyssey shows off what gamers can expect in the early goings after they boot up the game. We’ve got hack and slash action, looting, shopping and more with short tips accompanying different spots for us newbs. The game will offer up local and online co-op for those times when you want to ...

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Destiny gets beta dates, Collector’s Edition and DLC info.


00 Today is Bungie Day and the fabled shooter maker dropped a nice amount of info on their upcoming multi-platform game Destiny including beta dates, contents on their various Collector’s Editions and even DLC plans. Hold on to your rifles geeks, we’re heading in! First up is the beta, it’s scheduled to hit the PS4 and PS3 first on July ...

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