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“I Knew I Was A Geek When…” Fantasic Tales Of Nerdiness

written by Jessica "RavenPwnz" D. May 19, 2016

Alright, let’s face it – we’re geeks. Some of us prefer the word nerd, and almost no one I know likes the word dork, especially after knowing that weird double meaning. But why? When? How?

We’ve all taken different paths on our journey but still we seem to have ended up in a very similar destination. Here at Don’t Hate The Geek, we really enjoy our stay here in the geek kingdom and we wanted to share a bit about ourselves with you, our readers. We’re not that different from each other, and we have a secret bond in our own world that not everyone else will understand, but that’s what makes us, well… us. Enjoy these short excerpts about us, and feel free to share yours in the comments!


I grew up playing video games with cousins and watching Star Trek with my sister. I even was called a Vulcan at a young age because of my pointed ears, but being a nerd never really settled in until my junior year of high school when my group of friends and I gave each other Mortal Kombat nicknames and only referred to each other by them. I was Jade, and even our teachers called us by our nicknames! From then I grew more comfortable in my geek skin and just let the flags fly. I’m also raising my son in a geek lifestyle. We frequently watch TMNT, Teen Titans, Steven Universe, etc. He loves his Batman pajamas and he will always be my little wookie! We also cosplay together. His first Halloween we were Ewoks, and last Halloween we dressed as Raven and Robin from the Teen Titans. This year I’m thinking cadets from Attack on Titan! We’ll see, the possibilities are endless. RavenPwnz

“Some of my earliest memories of life are playing Sonic the Hedgehog with my parents and watching Doctor Who on VHS. The moment I found out I was a geek was the day I said the entire One Ring poem in Black Speech and amazed my friends as I wore it around the co-op (aka Homeschoolers School) when I was thirteen.
I hope that one day I will be able to share my geekdom with my children and that they will find the same experience I did and level up throughout life.” –Ancient Hero


In 1989 my dad took me and my brother out on a boys night out.  Dad worked a lot so it wasn’t often we got to go out as just the boys.  We didn’t know what was planned.  All we knew was we were hanging out and maybe grabbing a bite to eat.  I was seven years old, my brother six. Dad walked us into the theater, which has since been completely remodeled into a concert hall. The movie was Batman with Michael Keaton.  I was completely enthralled. I thought this was the greatest movie I had ever seen.  I knew when we left the theater that I would be a Batman fan for the rest of my life. I asked for Batman Toys for my birthday and Christmas. My dad got me a toy of Keaton’s Batmobile, which I still have to this day. Jon “BatPool” M.

I’ve always been different. I took pride in it in fact. While everyone else at school was obsessed with football (or soccer as it’s called here in the states), I was the kid drawing dragons, smuggling my favorite transformer to school in my backpack and imagining what it would be like to have super powers. My best subjects were science, math and creative writing.  The title ‘nerd’ was thrust upon me and I took ownership wholeheartedly, thoroughly enjoying the name-callers get frustrated at their failure to upset me. It helps that my parents raised me to read, and to be imaginative with my toys. –Tony The Brit


Looking back upon everything in my life, it was really early as a kid when I learned when I was a geek thanks to my love of comic books and professional wrestling. I mean superheroes were a huge thing for me thanks to movies, but especially comic books from my older brother and of course, Batman: the Animated Series. That show had a huge influence since it showed me what superheroes should be as a force of righting wrongs and injustices. Also best Batman ever!
Professional wrestling was just out there, right in your face, loud, and unavoidable to me. I saw it and kinda still do as real life comic books with your good and bad guys and a lot of weird stuff surrounding it, with your more normal elements around. I love it as athletic theater. I did then and I do now. Comic books and professional wrestling made me realize I’m a geek. 

For me, I knew I was nerdy/geeky early on. I was an academic nerd with the grades and such. I didn’t discover my geek passion until later on when I started to watch movies and collect comics. I became completely enthralled with them both. I couldn’t get enough and reached max consumption quickly. Then, then I discovered video games. That’s when I knew that my life would never be the same. From the Atari to the NES and now to the Xbox One, I craved games and their therapeutic nature. It wasn’t cool but I wore the Batman shirts in school, had the Marvel backpack, the Ninja Turtles lunch box. And I still do to this day. I’m a geek for life. LoganDX

Sonic and Knuckles

I suppose my nerdiness started the same way most 80s/90s kids did, with the NES and SNES. Zelda, and Mario were my best friends! As I got older I turned to computer games. The Sims captivated my world and became an excellent outlet for my depression and anxiety. World of Warcraft has also been a big part of my life off and on since the game first launched. In more modern days I’ve married probably the biggest comic book geek of all time. He’s a walking encyclopedia of geekiness so a lot of it has rubbed off on me. We even had a comic book themed wedding, complete with flowers made from comics. Naturally our son is being raised in a nerdy environment and we are supplying him with an endless supply of action figures and comics. In terms of non-traditional geeking out, music is my life. Music is a huge part of every aspect of my life, and it has been since my earliest memories. Geekery and nerdiness have no limits, be who you are and love yourself no matter what anyone says! – Mandini

I knew I was a geek when I was in pre-school and everyone was talking about how their mommies and daddies played outside, or went to the zoo – you know, normal kid stuff. And I was so fervent as a kid trying to find somebody to talk to about F-Zero, Super Mario Bros, Paper Boy, Contra – my mom and I still had the quality time – but we didn’t just go outside, we went into all new universes; our own personal 8 – 16 bit heaven right in our own home. I knew I was a Geek when I realised I had a Geek Mom, and that’s pretty rad. That ‘geekdom’ followed me throughout my 28 years from pouring myself into new fandoms like Mass Effect and Final Fantasy, to watching my insane figure and replica collection grow to hoarder status. My wedding was even Mass Effect themed – being a Geek is something to be proud of. It means you are passionate about what you love and there is no shame in that. –Liana “Lili” R

Tribbles everywhere

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