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“Tales of Berseria” Dated for USA, Collectors Edition Details

written by Jason Marcano October 10, 2016

10 Years On and the “Tales of…” Series Is Still Going Strong

The “Tales of…” series has been around for over a decade starting with SNES‘ Tales of Phantasia. The latest entry in the series Tales of Berseria was released in Japan in August of this year. The game scored an impressive 35/40 in popular Japanese gaming publication Famitsu. The reviews call Tales of Berseria one of the most mature in terms of story yet. A fact you can see come through in the following trailer.

Tales of Berseria stars Velvet, a 19-year-old woman/daemon on a quest for revenge. The game uses an updated version of the franchise’s classic Linear Motion Battle System (LMBS) called the Liberation-LMBS. This new system offers more freedom in controlling your characters while on the field of combat. It also gives you free reign over camera positioning, as opposed to the more static view of its predecessors. Combat is initiated by running into enemies in the game’s vast, open world environments.


Tales of Berseria was released for the PS3 and PS4 in Japan, so it doesn’t take full advantage of the PS4’s capabilities. It is still a beautiful game however. The battles are especially frenetic. Spells, Artes, and other flashy attacks erupt on the battle field, often times to the point of losing a sense of the action.


The “Tales of…” series has been fairly consistent in terms of quality, and Tails of Berseria looks to continue the trend. It has been well received in Japan, and eagerly anticipated here in the States. The good news is we’ll only have to wait a few more months to get our hands on it. Tales of Berseria will release in America on January 24, 2017.

A special collectors edition, of which there are only 10,000, is now available for you to pre-order through various outlets. This version will cost you $149.99 and contain:


  • Exclusive Tales of Berseria SteelBook case
  • Velvet and Laphicet Chibi Kyun Chara figures
  • Exclusive 8-Bit retro keychain set
  • Special Selection Music CD
  • Hardcover prequel novel “A Witch’s Tale: A World Full of Daemons”
  • Set of Tales of Berseria trading cards
  • Tales of Berseria starter strategy guide artbook

Are any of you geeks fans of the “Tales of…” series? Let us know your favorite and whether or not you’ll be picking this up in January in the comments.

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