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Teaser Trailer for Season Two of Jessica Jones Gives Us Our Release Date

written by Jordan Cobb December 9, 2017

Same day, another teaser for a Marvel project.

The Defenders this past summer gave us back our favorite whiskey-drinking, PTSD riddled, super-strong badass Jessica Jones for a brief while we waited until news about season two of her own Netflix show would come out. Well good news, thanks to the teaser trailer released today, we now know that we can expect the next 13-episodes on March 8. Take a look at it for yourself!

So, of course,¬†this being a teaser trailer, we’re not gonna get much about what season two is about right now but you can certainly gather we’re gonna dive more into the origins of Jessica’s powers as hinted towards the end of season one and of course fallout from the ending events and how it has affected Jessica. But we do get plenty of cool action and little interesting bits of storylines, like maybe Jessica seemingly over her feelings for Luke?

The first season of Jessica Jones was a rousing success for Netflix and Marvel’s second collaboration as the show impressed fans and viewers alike with its incredible performances, tight, noir storytelling, and the approach and depiction of topics from rape, assault, and PTSD. Now given the current climate in Hollywood and politics as well featuring widespread sexual assault allegations, now seems like a great time for our hero to return and we could see something like this depicted in the show. Granted production on season two did conclude in September, but who knows.

Krysten Ritter is back as our title character and back as well are Rachel Taylor, Carrie-Annie Moss, and Eka Darville as Trish Walker, Jeri Hogarth, and Malcolm. New cast members include J.R. Ramirez as Oscar and Leah Gibson as Ingrid. Last season’s villain Kilgrave played twistedly brilliantly by David Tennant will come back for a brief cameo. Melissa Rosenberg is still at the helm as showrunner.

What did you think of the trailer? How excited are you for the return? Who is your favorite Jessica Jones character? Let us know in the comments below!

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