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Technomancer: Unleash the power in June

written by Branden H April 19, 2016
Man with sword and gun firing on enemies

Man with sword and gun firing on enemies

Every once in a while something sneaks in under the radar and is almost missed. These could be potential gems or just shiny piles of wasted potential but I’d be remiss if I didn’t let our fellow Geeks know of the existence.  So when the CEO and creative director of Spiders Studio took to the PlayStation blog to talk about it, I just had to do some digging

Technomancer is created by Spiders the same company that brought us Mars:War Logs and is a Sci-fi rpg. It follows the tale of Zachariah as a rookie Technomancer from Abundance, a powerful corporation on Mars during an event called the War of Water. Technomancers are warriors capable of channeling destructive electrical powers via implants. That alone sounds awesome not to mention any time you get to wield a sword and a gun you have the potential for being a complete bad ass.

Slap on to that combat layer with three stances and you’ve got an even better time by being able to choose between the staff, the blade and gun, or the blade and shield. All incorporated into what appears to be a flowing combat system.  Not to be out done by combat you can craft weapons and armor for you and the companions and enjoy a dynamic dialog system that, according to the studio, plays a deep role in your questing throughout the harsh world of Mars.

What is even more exciting is this game drops in a few short months on June 21st.  Check out the trailer below

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