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Teen Titans are Heading to a Small Screen Near You

written by April Carvelli February 10, 2015
They won't be this lovable bunch of teens

They won’t be this lovable bunch of teens

In keeping with the sudden popularity of all things nerd, WB and TNT are working together to bring us a live action TV series based off of the Teen Titans called Titans. It seems that the faces behind the project are Oscar winner, Akiva Goldsman, and Marc Haimes.

According to reports it will center around Dick Grayson aka Robin just after his breakup with Batman. Dick has moved away from Gotham and settled in Boston where he has become a private detective.

A few other characters that are rumored to be in the show are Barbara Gordon as their team’s computer hacker. Unfortunately it does not appear that she will be Oracle, but she will be wheelchair bound, how she got there we don’t know at this point.

A more obscure duo, Hawk and Dove will be part of the team. However it will be the third incarnation (or maybe 4th?) with Hank Hall and Dawn Granger. We are told that they will be a romantic couple, but have been given hints that they won’t be much like their comic counterparts.

hawk and dove

One of my favorites Raven aka Rachel Roth will be a standard part of this team, she will be based off of the character by Geoff Johns. Also appearing is Starfire, however she will not appear until near the end of the pilot episode.

As for Cyborg and Beast Boy? No word yet, but that doesn’t mean they won’t come along eventually.


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