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Telltale Games Walking Dead Season 3 Trailer! [VIDEO]

written by Leda "Ancient Hero" N. June 13, 2016

When Walking Dead Season 2 ended in October 2014 there were seven endings to the story some involving Kenny, some involving Jane, and one involving Clementine. We can assume Walking Dead Season 3 will start differently depending on which path you ended up going down.

Walking Dead Season 3 2

In the trailer, we see a Walker getting up that almost looks like the man who took Clem in the Walking Dead Season 1–if you don’t end up shooting him.¬†We also see Clem with a man that we have never seen before. So we may be picking up a new companion. We can also notice that Clem looks older, making her maybe 14-15.

There is currently no set release date, only that Walking Dead will return this fall to Telltale Games possibly on PC, IOS, and maybe Xbox One and PS4. Are you looking forward to continuing Clem’s story and finding out what happened to Alvin Jr.? Let us know in the comments!

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