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The Best and Worst of WWE SmackDown Live 02/14/17 – New Champion

written by Jordan Cobb February 15, 2017

Following the Elimination Chamber, SmackDown Live has a brand new savoir, but what does this mean for the blue brand? Let’s find out!

The Best of SmackDown Live

Triple Threat

Just to get this out of the way, our main event was a triple threat match which saw brand new WWE Champion Bray Wyatt (still can’t believe I get to actually write that) against John Cena and AJ Styles, both men with legit causes for rematches and despite a rather terrible beginning, we’ll get to that in the worst section, it was really entertaining. All three men closed out Sunday’s event have never really disappointed against each other and all provided excellent work.

Styles in particular looked incredible against both men. He’s good against Cena, but his sections with Wyatt are fantastic, particularly the table spots. I say spots since the frog splash didn’t take so AJ gave it the old college try and leg dropped Bray from the ringside barricade through the announce table. That’s good stuff!

The match was a frantically paced affair with finish after finish and so many pinfalls, it felt exciting and was a very worthwhile and entertaining main event that made everyone look amazing, but more importantly ended with Bray Wyatt retaining the title. That made everything better as it shows how WWE is actually all in on the eater of worlds holding their big strap.

What is the WreslteMania Main Event?

Following a rather excellent main event, Randy Orton actually did come out and pledged his allegiance, loyalty, and trust to Wyatt and stated he wouldn’t use his title opportunity from winning the Royal Rumble against him at WrestleMania. WHAT IS GOING ON?!

The reason this isn’t listed under the worst is because this is intriguing as much as it is confusing and you know what’s missing from a lot of professional wrestling now? Unpredictability and this is a situation that just got unpredictable.

Orton won the Rumble so it seemed that SmackDown would main event WrestleMania, but until next week possibly, we have no idea what is going on there. The last thing we see of the show is Orton kneeling as Wyatt holds the belt up high as we see the WrestleMania sign in the background of them. This is weird and I can’t wait to see what this means come next week.

Ascension on the Rise?

American Alpha faced off against the team they defeated to retain their tag straps on Sunday, the Ascension and for those that might not know, its surprising how much the Ascension have been featured. They were a big thing in NXT, holding the tag belts for a full year and have been nothing but a joke on the main roster. The past couple of weeks, has shown that maybe they’re getting a second chance.

The match itself was good, Alpha is always amazing, but seeing the Ascension really get to showcase themselves made me happy, even if they lost. Though I do suspect this might be the last of them for a while since the Usos appeared on the titantron and look to be the next tag title challengers.


Oh James Ellsworth, what is actually going on with you? I am still so mixed since his character is nicely played up for goofy laughs, but this program with Carmella is just bizarre and I know, I can see what they’re doing with it, but depending what they’re up to each week, it really will go either way.

One way it worked this week was great as a setup for Ambrose to face off against Ellsworth for costing him the TLC match against Styles back in December. Ah continuity, good to see that’s still around in WWE. But NOPE! The match never happened because big bad Baron Corbin beat seven shades out of Ambrose and thus further sets up their showdown at WrestleMania. Now that is a good way to play with audience expectations and pull the rug out since it has audience investment and actually builds up something fans would want to see. That’s good work!

Tricky Mickie

Last best thing about SmackDown this week was Mickie James. During her solid rematch from Sunday against Becky Lynch, it appeared towards the end that she baldy hurt her shoulder when landing on the outside floor from the apron. That was not the case as it was a trick to lure Becky in for a Mick-Kick and the pin. Brilliant!

This is what heels should do and is one of the best things James has done since coming back to the main roster. Its also smart storytelling wise since it further adds to James’ argument about what she did for women’s wrestling well before Becky ever came to the WWE and thus giving the young one a lesson. Also Becky herself still looked great against James throughout so that’s all right by me.

The Worst of WWE SmackDown


Now I wasn’t aware Naomi had hurt her knee when obtaining the SmackDown Women’s Championship so that has me worried, but this whole segment with Alexa Bliss to setup their rematch was a little boring. It very much was just filler to pad out sometime before we got to the main event and while I do enjoy both women a lot, filler is filler. Sorry.

Even more filler was just more brawling from Nikki and Natalya which just set up a Falls Count Anywhere match to finally end it all between then both next week. I think Daniel Bryan is channeling me when he gets frustrated being between their arguing.


Maybe this is just my own personal thing, but Luke Harper blindsiding Wyatt right before the main event was not a good look for Wyatt. I mean it made him look a bit weak to me and apparently wasn’t even involved with the opening moments of the match until the came back from commercial break. Wyatt should look strong and while he did at the end of the episode, it stands to me that given who and what Wyatt is, he needs to be a fully dominating presence, especially when he’s the WWE Champion.

The Verdict

Rather entertaining SmackDown Live to follow up on Elimination Chamber and make the buildup to WrestleMania very exciting and intriguing since we might have a drastic change in the main even of the biggest show of the year. Little problems here and there, but nothing too bad.

What did you think of SmackDown Live this week, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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