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The CW Seed Resurrects Constantine as an Animated Series

written by Jordan Cobb January 8, 2017

Constantine on NBC was an absolutely perfect adaptation of hugely beloved fan-favorite character, John Constantine and the dark and crazy world he inhabits. It really got the meat and bones of the character in understanding who he really is and how his sorcery works, but more importantly, it was Matt Ryan’s performance that made it feel like John walked out the pages of Hellblazer and into our TV screen.

Ever since being cancelled after only one 13-episode season and reappearing on Arrow last season, fans have still been wondering if there will be more of Constantine, especially considering where exactly the show ended. Fret not, John’s coming back!

The CW announced today during its panel at the winter Television Critics Association press tour that they are going to produce Constantine as an animated series on their online platform, The CW Seed. The show will consist of five-six 10-minute episodes like its predecessors Vixen and The Ray. But the best part, Matt Ryan will return to voice the chain-smoking antihero. Making this the second upcoming project with Ryan voicing the character next to the animated film, Justice League Dark.

This is certainly a great surprise to have since Constantine had so much potential for its later episodes in both mining material from the Hellblazer comics and what brand new ideas the show had created itself. Having Matt Ryan back on board is just a nice cherry on top and hopefully some of the same actors from the live action show can lend their voices to this version. This also might deepen Constantine’s connection to the Arrowverse beyond his one episode appearance on Arrow. I mean Vixen started out on CW Seed and then was on Arrow too, same voice actor as well.

How excited are you for the return of Constantine? What do you hope from the new animated series? What are some of your favorite John Constantine stories? Let us know in the comments below!

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