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The Defenders Teasers Reveals Series Premiere Date and Viral Site

written by Jordan Cobb April 4, 2017
Marvel's Defenders

Now that Iron Fist has come out, its time to start looking forward to The Defenders, the culmination of all the Marvel Cinematic Universe shows on Netflix with the teaming of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and the aforementioned Iron Fist.

But when will we see this superhero team fighting side-by-side? Well a little teaser video revealed that The Defenders is going to premiere on August 18. You can see that in the timecode of the video, which you can see for yourself below!

Clearly our pals here have been up to no good from their appearances.

But the release date isn’t the only thing the video shows off. If you look, you’ll notice a URL address, That takes you a viral marketing site, more specifically the website for the New York Bulletin, the prominent newspaper within the Marvel Netflix shows. The site has an “exclusive interview” with Joy and Ward Meachum as played by their actors from Iron Fist and the site even has an ad that links you to a website for Colleen Wing’s dojo. Looks like they are all in for the viral marketing and I’m certainly curious to see what else they do with this before the show debuts.

How excited are you for The Defenders? Who is your favorite hero of them all? Let us know in the comments below!

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