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The Geeky Nerdy Christmas List

written by April Carvelli December 23, 2014


As the big day approaches I thought I would ask a few of my friends what would be on their ultimate Geek or Nerd Wish List. The only requirement was that it had to be something that actually existed.

The Tumbler from Batman Begins – no need to worry about morning traffic jams

A Hobbit house – as long as I can pop by for elevensies

A computer like Jarvis – I am not actually sure if this qualifies as something real

The Blackbird from X-Men – make the commute a lot easier in the morning, but parking might be a pain

A R2 Unit


Imperial Knight Light Saber

Hero Quest Game – a blast from the past

A set of Iron Man Armor

Original Gauntlet Arcade Game Console – A true blast from the past

DB5 from James Bond Goldfinger

( I seem to have a theme)


Planet Replicas Full Judge oufit – comic version

Judge Dredd Lawgiver MKI

Street Leathers by Reel Images

Steet Law Tactical vest by Reel Images


Meeting the cast of the Avengers

A complete Bumblebee replica car – Me Too

A Batmobile replica – guess I should have asked which one

Getting to hold one of the main lightsabers used in the making of Star Wars

A night in Cinderella’s Castle at Disney World



(her dream list is practical and would do many geeks proud)

Top of the line 3D printer – I think I would drool if I got one
Laser torch, for metalwork – she is a braver woman than I
PlayStation 4
The biggest HD 2D/3D TV
An all-inclusive European vacation for two, for historical research of course

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