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The Inhumans Have Arrived in their First Official Trailer

written by Jordan Cobb June 29, 2017

Ah the Inhumans, a huge mainstay within the world that is Marvel, be it in the comics where they originated or within the ever expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe and subsequent adaptations. Marvel’s Inhumans is set to premiere later this fall after the first two episodes have a go in IMAX screenings considering one the biggest selling points of the show is how it was all shot with IMAX cameras.

Well we’ve seen what the main cast looks like as the Inhuman Royal Family, but how about in motion? Well here we have our first trailer for the ABC series and you can look at it for yourself below!

I’ll admit, I got a mixed feeling towards this trailer. The scope looks appropriately huge and this is the feel of a fantasy epic, but having read so much of the Inhumans in Marvel comics, the lack of color outside the Royal Family is very distracting to me. Gray on gray on gray just doesn’t feel right with the story of the Inhumans, its usually very vibrant and exciting to look at. Then again we aren’t gonna be spending too much time on Attilan as it appears to be so okay then.

What did hook me in was Black Bolt. They briefly show off how dangerous his voice can be and I like the build up to that from his mad brother Maximus. Anson Mount honestly still really looks the part of Black Bolt himself and I think he could pull off such a captivating silent performances as the Inhuman king. Also Lockjaw honestly does look really good. Like really damn good that it offsets how terrible the wig on Medusa looks.

Overall I’m still very much intrigued and interested in seeing how Inhumans can fly. The IMAX premiere angle certainly will get some eyes on it, but hopefully it can deliver more beyond a premiere gimmick.

What did you think of the trailer? Excited? Gonna skip it? Who is your favorite Inhuman character? Let us know in the comments below!

Marvel’s Inhumans premieres on ABC on September 29 after running the first two episodes on select IMAX screens for a two-week engagement starting on September 1.

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