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The Kissenger Lets you Kiss Your Loved One Through the Phone

written by Jordan Cobb December 26, 2016

Long-distance relationships, they suck don’t they? Though as technology has advanced, the burden of being miles and miles away from your significant other has been lessened. Several messaging apps allow you to talk freely no matter your position in the world and there is of course video messaging be it through Skype or Facetime on your smartphone. While still hard for some people, long distance relationships seem far easier to deal with now than ever before thanks to the numerous ways couples can communicate now.

Yet there will always be that longing for the physical contact of another and even just a small little kiss and calm the soul. If only one can truly kiss their beloved through the phone. Well good news, you can now.

Revealed at the recent Love and Sex with Robots conference, City University London student Emma Yann Zhang revealed the Kissenger, a phone case with an oval silicon “lip” that thanks to high precision force sensors will register the lip movement of a user will replicate said movements on the device of whoever is being kissed via miniature actuators.

This is very much a high tech update from simply just kissing your phone when you truly want intimacy with your partner. Zhang, who is using this as her PhD project in computer science, says that beyond maintaining a romantic bond with one’s partner, the data that will be collected from the Kissenger will be used to see if users are affected by this as much as a real kiss. Zhang herself said that, “this research will not attempt to conclude whether it is ethically acceptable to have intimate relationships with robots.” Which does fit into her belief of the inevitability of humans becoming more intimate with robots or A.I. of any kind.

Zhang also hopes to pass the Turing test.

What do you think of the Kissenger? Is this a remarkable piece of tech or is it just really really silly? Let us know in the comments below!

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