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The Original ‘Syndicate’ Strategy Game is Now Available For Free!

written by kimmyink90 March 9, 2015



First released in 1993 by Electronic Arts, Syndicate, has become a classic strategy game and the original game is now available for free on Origin.  If you’d like to pick up the game, it is available for PC here.

Origin gives an overview of what the game entails:

In the year 2096, the world is controlled by massive corporations. And as the executive of your very own Megacorp, it’s up to you to recruit a team of four cyborg agents, gear them up with a huge arsenal of weapons and equipment, and control your squad in tactical, action-packed missions to sabotage the competition. Research new equipment and outfit your squad. Brainwash targets into joining your cause. Eliminate enemies by any means necessary. With a cyberpunk aesthetic and deep, tactical gameplay, Syndicate is an unforgettable classic.

If it’s taken you years to finally decide to get on board with this game, now is your chance.  What do you think geeks?  Will you grab the game to play?  Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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