Home News The Simpson intro in full pixelated glory!!

The Simpson intro in full pixelated glory!!

written by Manny Popoca AKA: MannysPlace February 3, 2015

Still of The Pixel Simpsons video



Check out this epic greatness created by Pixel artists Paul Robertson and Ivan Dixon! The two men who have done the amazing by recreating The Simpsons long running opening title for a tribute video. The unofficial short includes music from Jeremy Dower from an interpretation of Danny Elfman’s iconic theme. This is a must watch for ANY Simpsons Fan!!

Dude!! The references are so way out of control in this creative pixilated short  — from classic Homer’s barbershop quartet The Be Sharps, Hans Moleman as Bart, Frank Grimes and many more. You have to stick around to the very end, it is so worth the watch and share with your friends!


The Simpson Pixilated Intro Video:


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