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The Thinker Will Cause Chaos as The Flash Season 4 Villain

written by Jordan Cobb June 5, 2017

Ever since debuting in 2014, the main villain for every season of The Flash has been an evil speedster. The show has hit across the heavy hitters in Flash’s Rogues Gallery from episode to episode, but with a huge overarching threat, it all came down to who is the fastest. That won’t be happening this time when the show comes back this fall.

Clifford DeVoe AKA The Thinker will be our villain. This is more or less confirmation that he’s the new big bad after it was hinted at by Abra Kadabra when he appeared last season. There was also a healthy amount of foreshadowing for him in the season finale as well so we at least have him already established.

There are many people who have taken on the name Thinker, but DeVoe was the very first one, debuting in All-Star Flash #12 in 1943. Created by Gardner Fox and E.E. Hibbard. DeVoe is a failed lawyer who turns into a supervillain that can control minds and have telekinetic powers from technology he wields. Given the narrative of The Flash TV series, it might be changed up that he gained his abilities from the particle accelerator and thus making him a metahuman, which isn’t bad. Certainly could make things interesting.

DeVoe even had a stint serving in the Suicide Squad as well. The character has plenty of history that can be mined for the hit CW show.

My best guess is that we won’t know too much about Thinker until San Diego Comic-Con, so let’s get ready!

What is your reaction? Like the choice? Who do you want to play Thinker? Let us know in the comments below!

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