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There’s a New Way to Monopolize in Skyrim

written by Matt Styron October 22, 2016

Monopoly Board with Skyrim logo

There will soon be a new form of unrest in Skyrim than just the Imperials trying to stave off the Stormcloaks.  Next year, you can enjoy the world of Skyrim in a whole new (old) way!  Instead of pummeling Draugr and townspeople with your Daedric mace, now you can do it the old-fashioned way: through capitalism!

Merchoid is now offering you a new version of Monopoly in which you can stretch your Dovahkiin arm and leg muscles that you have not exercised at least since last week, when you dusted off your copy of Skyrim: Legendary Edition.  The game includes property trading, locations like Windhelm and Winterhold (and hopefully more), along with your standard monopoly fare as far as game items.  The game also promises to let you experience some of the lore from the original game.


Skyrim, the fifth installment of the Elder Scrolls series, had you choose your path during tumultuous times involving tensions between the empire and the rebellious stormcloaks- all the while fighting dragons and devouring their souls to prevent one dragon, Alduin, from achieving his goals.  (Note: Don’t expect this to be included in the monopoly version’s game play; although that would be pretty awesome).

So now that you have saved Skyrim, why don’t you purchase it piece by piece?  After all, how can the Stormcloaks and Imperials argue over Skyrim if neither of them own it?

I will tell you right now, if there is an Alduin piece, don’t expect me to share.  And if anyone else gets it, I am using Dragonrend to shout them out of the sky.

The game is $47.99, and available for preorder due to ship in March 2017.  But if you are interested, I definitely recommend you use Whirlwind Sprint to get over there quickly, as there is limited stock.

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