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Third Man Records’ Brand New Vinyl Record Presses Are Amazing! (VIDEO)

written by Michael Haase February 27, 2017

Calling all music geeks!

The past is now the future, as the most modern technology in vinyl pressing has been unleashed. Albums on vinyl have become increasingly more popular in recent years, and Third Man Records is partially responsible.

Woman operating record press

The record label, owned by Jack White of White Stripes’ fame, has been doing its best to keep the thrill of music alive with its personal approach to music production. With every album the company has released, full vinyl LP’s and 7-inch singles have been released as well. This has caused Third Man to become one of the greatest up-and-coming record companies in recent years, so much so that they now have a location in both Nashville and Detroit. It is the Detroit location that just opened its brand new record pressing plant on February 25th.

An New Way To Press Records

The facility is operating the first newly designed record presses in 35 years. These presses are efficient, accurate, environmentally friendly, and beautiful. The facility itself has a viewing area for visitors to come see the pressing plant in action, and by looking at the video below, it’s well worth the trip.

The plant is open not only to recording artists signed with the company, but also to anyone off the street. As stated in the video, they are open to pressing records for anyone, even an unsigned and undiscovered act.

It’s an exciting time in music to see a brand new vinyl pressing plant opening. The equipment is state-of-the-art, and the company obviously cares about what they do.

The Value Of Vinyl

Third Man Records is keeping the heart of music alive. If you’re like me, then you realize the value of listening to an album on vinyl and with companies that provide vinyl pressing services, hopefully the vinyl record industry continues for a very long time. Seeing as buying vinyls have made a come back, this is a positive sign for the music industry. There is nothing quite like owning a pressed record from a band. Records create a tangible connection with an artist, and when you hold a record, the music is no longer a series of seemingly random mp3’s. A vinyl album is a personal love-letter from a band, from its glorious artwork to the album’s actual scent. Plus, the science behind records is actually quite amazing.

It’s time to dust off that old turntable and get listening, everybody.

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