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Thirteen Reasons Why Netflix Series: You’ve Got Some Explaining To Do

written by Quinzel Lee April 24, 2017
girl standing by Thirteen Reasons Why Netflix Series sign

Hopefully by now, you have had a chance to check out the Netflix series, Thirteen Reasons Why. For those of you who haven’t seen it, there are many spoilers below, so you should take a moment and read this article, and then get to watchin’. If you have already finished the first season, you probably are left with a million burning questions so I am going to highlight just the top 5 burning questions I have for the show’s writers.

Is Jessica Going To Be Okay?

Jessica Davis from Thirteen Reasons Why Netflix Series standing by locker

I am very concerned for the well being of a fictional character. Yes, I even forgot she was fictional. My heart went out to her but also she made my anxiety jump to an all time high. Jessica, no! Don’t go near Bryce, what are you doing? The cliffhanger finale shows her about to confess to her dad everything that happened but what if this isn’t the end of her grief? She may have many more trials to go through, including a criminal trial against Bryce. And that could take an even worse toll on her.

Alex!! Why??

Alex from Thirteen Reasons Why Netflix Series

While most of this story is about Hannah, I can’t help but want to go back and watch Alex again. He drops many hints that he is feeling suicidal, down to even saying flat out “maybe I’ll kill myself.” Eerily enough, it’s revealed at the last episode. It seems like he’s struggling with Hannah’s suicide, but what other demons was he facing?

Hold Up Tyler, What Are You About To Do With Those Guns?

Tyler from Thirteen Reasons Why Netflix Series holding camera


Tyler is this character that you simultaneously feel sorry for as well as being creeped out by. Sure, Clay snapping a pic of his bare, ghost white rear end was what it took for him to understand where Hannah was coming from, but was it enough to drive him over the edge? Even though the students are all facing a similar fate by being mentioned on the tape, he was still teased by the jocks. Could he be planning a school shooting? Or is all of that artillery locked in the trunk for some other reason?

Bryce, Who Hurt You?

Bryce from Thirteen Reasons Why Netflix Series standing at podium

Bryce¬†Walker was your typical school jock jerk. You’d imagine him maybe giving out wedgies and maybe starting a fight or two. But Mr. Walker took it to a whole ‘nother level. From the very hard to watch scene where he raped Jessica when she was drunk to what he did to Hannah and probably countless other girls, this guy makes your stomach turn. However, you have to wonder, what got him this way? Though the book does not reveal much on his past, I imagine his past is a road full of terrible. How else can you do violate¬†people and not give a care in a world?

What burning questions do you have after watching the first season? Let us know in the comments below!

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