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Three Things Nintendo Needs To Do To Maintain The Switch’s Success

written by David Hayes May 1, 2017
Switch Table top

The Nintendo Switch has had a wildly successful launch. Its early release alongside The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was a bold move by the once weakened gaming juggernaut and it paid off. The Switch is in high demand and unlike Nintendo’s last successful home console, so are its games. Nintendo’s latest console has desirable features their competition lacks with its on-the-go capabilities. Add that to the Nintendo charm that may never truly go out of style. For the first time since the N64, Nintendo has an opportunity to be legitimate contenders in the home gaming market.

Nintendo expects The Switch to out-sell the failed Wii U within its first year. As impressive as that is they still have some work to do to maintain their new console’s success or dare I say, build on it. These are three things Nintendo should do to continue The Switch’s success.

Stop Going After Youtube Gamers

This one is less about The Switch itself so much as about what’s become a common practice by Nintendo. Nintendo is fiercely controlling of its properties. This attitude has led them to come down hard on the internet gaming community on a number of occasions for doing what the internet gaming community does. Most game developers have pretty relaxed feelings towards fans and independent critics making content on their games. Most see it as free advertising and many encourage it. Nintendo, on the other hand, has been going after content creators from the start, especially on Youtube. Nintendo has never backed down from this attack either, still claiming videos made about The Switch to this day.  Youtubers haven’t been shy about expressing their frustrations and it’s hurt Nintendo’s image in the eyes of many western fans.

Nintendo had an operating profit of $1.6 billion last quarter. They don’t need Angry Joe’s Youtube money and going after it makes them look less likable than their competition. Going after Youtubers is bad business and Nintendo keeps doing it.  The sheer level of free word of mouth promotion created by Youtube gamers is a valuable resource and Nintendo needs to stop trying to control it and just let these creators do their thing.

Keep Their Third-Party Developers Happy

Logos of companies making games for the Switch

For the first time in a long time, developers are seemingly lining up to put out games on a Nintendo home console. The Nintendo Switch will seemingly have the best third-party support since the Super Nintendo and that’s a big deal but that could still easily change if Nintendo goes back to its old ways. I’ve spoken before about Nintendo’s traumatic relationship with third-party developers.  The divide between the two is the main reason Nintendo fell behind Sony and Microsoft in the first place. In order to keep the Switch going strong, Nintendo is going to have to keep those developers happy and enthusiastic about making games for the console. If you add some solid third-party titles on top of the amazing games Nintendo makes themselves, The Switch could have the best library on the market.

Re-release Wii U Games On The Switch

Super Mario U logo and characters

The Wii U was one of Nintendo’s biggest commercial failures. It’s their lowest selling home console of all time so it’s safe to say that a lot of gamers missed out on the games released for it. That’s a shame because, despite its failure, the Wii U had a great library of games, mostly made by Nintendo. These games still look great and could easily be ported over to The Switch. Having games like New Super Mario Bros. U and Pikmin 3 at an affordable price would be a great asset to the Nintendo Switch library. Plus there’s really no reason to put a lot of money and resources into developing new titles for franchises like Super Smash Bros. at this time when the previous title on the Wii U is still recent enough and now has a bigger audience to perform for. They’ve already started this practice with Mario Kart 8 getting the deluxe treatment on The Switch. Nintendo should port over as many great games as they can to help give the Switch’s library an edge and to give those games a real chance to shine. The millions of people who’ve bought a Switch deserve Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker!

What would you do to keep gamers invested in The Switch? Do you this Nintendo will be able to maintain the hype? Sound off in the comments!

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