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Thrift Geek, DIY Your Life

written by Sarah Awbrey Johnson January 5, 2017
legend of zelda door mat

Furniture can get expensive, so why not cut the cost and customize at the same time? These furniture ideas are perfect for any dorm room, apartment, or home. Let out your inner thrift geek and customize these DIY ideas to your heart’s content, free of charge!

No-Sew Pillow

This throw pillow hack is really simple. Freshen up old pillows you don’t like, or buy the cheapest pillow you can find and give it your own artistic touch. All you need is a fabric of your choice about three times the width of your pillow. You can find cool patterns pre-printed on fabric, or make your own print with a stencil or stamp on a solid color! Create the perfect pillow for your space with just a few simple folds.

pillow case fold

Area Rug

Rugs are notoriously expensive, and many of them are downright drab. Give your floor a pop of personality by making your own area rug. This DIY project allows you to choose any fabric, cut it into strips, and then weave them together to create an amazing personalized rug. No tools are required; just use your hands and these directions for the coolest and cheapest rug around.

woman making rug

Welcome Mat

A necessity for anyone who doesn’t like dirty carpets, fun welcome mats can be expensive and hard to find. With this hack you can have a mat for every season! Find an in-expensive doormat, a spray paint of your choice, and make a stencil. The image below is of a Zelda themed doormat, but you can choose your favorite fandom to represent. The color and theme combinations are endless.

legend of zelda door mat

Storage Containers

We have all been walking around department stores and seen those fabric storage bins. They come in a wide array of colors and patters, but they have a price tag to match. This DIY gives you the price of the bargain bins without sacrificing any of the style. Choose a fun and geeky fabric, and follow the directions to create a storage bin that puts the ones at department stores to shame.

plastic and fabric covered bins


These are a necessary evil. No one wants to buy or use them, but no one wants to ruin their coffee table either. Make your coasters the star of your coffee table with this DIY. Using scrapbook paper, modge-podge, and inexpensive coasters the possibilities are endless and the cost stays low.

two stacks of coasters


I recommend heading to your local craft and fabric store once you decide which projects you are interested in. For stamping fabrics you can buy stamps to make your own print on any blank fabric. This is very cost effective as printed fabrics can cost much more than solid colors. Create your own stencils with a paper cut out, an x-acto knife, and some cardboard. Head to a local thrift shop to find some cheap pillows for the no-sew pillow DIY. Here are some ideas for fabrics, stamps, and scrapbook paper for the projects above.

harry potter glasses/scar

Harry Potter double-sided scrapbook paper for DIY coasters.

exploding tardis fabric

Exploding TARDIS fabric for all DIY projects using fun/geeky fabrics.

firefly serenity stamp

Firefly Serenity stamp for fabrics.

Have you ever DIYed before? Try one of these projects and leave photos in the comments below of your creations!

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