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Toejam and Earl, Making 2017 a Whole Lot Groovier

written by Jason Marcano August 24, 2016

2016 got you down? Is this year just not doing it for you? Well, worry not because 2017 is getting an injection of groove from two blast from the funky past, Toejam and Earl.

ToejamandEarl pose

Humanature Studios and Adult Swim Games’ follow up to the 1991 Sega classic Toejam and Earl, Back in the Groove, brings the titular rapping aliens back to Earth after a joyride to impress two ladies, Latisha and Lewanda, goes wrong. The duo crash lands on Earth and the wreckage of their ship, the Rapmaster Rocketship, is scattered around the planet.

The pair will have to retrieve the pieces of their ship while running from pesky humans and collecting gifts from Santa. They will be doing all this while being as groovy and funky as possible.

ToejamandEarl dance

ToeJam and Earl: Back in the Groove is described as a mash-up of the best features from the first two games, the most popular of the three in the series. There will be 9 playable characters, and 13 brand new songs along with remixes of 13 tracks from the original games. More info can be seen on the game’s Steam page. Fans of the original game will see the return of one of the best features of the time.

ToejamandEarl coop

That’s right, on the couch co-op is back! Just like in the original, you and a buddy can scour the Earth together. If you wander too far from each other the game will automatically switch to split-screen. It was an awesome feature then and a welcome addition to this game as many modern games neglect same room co-op in favor of heavy on-line features.

Adult Swim Games is promising a lot with Toejam and Earl: Back in the Groove. Things like online play for up to 4 players and a ton of new and remixed content. Back in the Groove was recently funded via Kickstarter thanks to Adult Swim Games. Their backing this project makes it possible to be released on multiple consoles as well as PC. The game was originally an indie solo project by Humanature Studios. Humanature Studios is run by Greg Johnson, the creator of the original Toejam and Earl game.

You geeks can check out the funky trailer to this totally groovy game below. Were you fans of the original? Ready to get your groove on in 2017 when this game releases? Shout out in the comments and stick with DHTG for more groovy updates.

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