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Tom Clancy: The Division partial REVIEW with DHTG

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg March 10, 2016

All of you Black Friday shoppers out there might want to pay attention to this game…it’s your fault. 😉

Thanks to the geeks at Nebraska Furniture Mart for supplying our Xbox One copy of Tom Clancy: The Division. Be sure and check them out for the best prices on console games!

Since launch two days ago I have been running through the mean streets of Brooklyn. I am encountering thugs at every turn. Where are all of the police? Seems everyone is either frozen in the street or trying to survive themselves. Random people begging in the street seems to be a thing here. As they approach we have to make sure that we scan them before they get to close. Setting up HQ and getting us back to some sort of normality is first priority. Uh-oh looks like some of the thugs found flame throwers…


First thing first, let me explain why this is a partial review. With most games when they come out sites are so quick to get first impressions up for traffic, that they are not giving the game the chance it deserves. We personally do this as well. There is a flaw in that logic in such heavy online games and gaming. Most of the time there is server issues, matchmaking issues, and general problems that would make scoring or reviewing the online part of the game not fair to publishers and developers. In a straight campaign game, sure run through fast and write the review fast but let’s learn to give these games a fair review and correct scoring when we are writing a FULL review. So, in this review I will only be talking about the parts of the game that I have personally been through and we will leave FULL review as all issues are worked out and game is ready to be scored.

The Division is graphically beautiful. From snow falling to grenade fuzziness it is amazing to watch. Detail has not been spared. As you are running through the streets you can see people frozen in the snow and the detail in vehicles and buildings was not overlooked in any form or fashion. If you like cover based games like Gears of War, the The Division should feel right at home for you. As you start you will be running through the tutorial part of the game that helps you get your safe house set up and get’s you moving in the right direction of the game. Now you find yourself opening wings of HQ like medical,security,and tech. These different areas are how you move up in skills in those areas. If you decide healer, tank, or DPS is the way to look at it for those MMOers out there. Once you have moved through the start-up you find yourself in your first real mission.


Once I got used to the drop-in and out matchmaking I became a fan of the simplicity of it. Ubisoft has done a good job of making it easy to join a game or find friends for yours.  Through early release Ubisoft was having some server issues (which is to be expected) so matchmaking and online play struggled. I found that over the last two days I have not had any issues jumping and trying to save the city. In the cover based game I think Ubisoft did a decent job of physics of hiding and shooting. You have to get the hang of it as if you run and gun you are not going to last very long in this game.


So far I am loving the game. I feel that issues with Destiny really fed into the development of The Division. I can see the DLC being large and continuing to open new areas so this could be a long-term game as long they keep support for it…and we keep playing it of course. As an RPG I think it fits…MMO not so much. Crafting is simple as you find items throughout the city,breaking down old items, or purchasing from vendors. Then there is The Dark Zone…get ready to get your butt kicked. The Dark Zone is the open area where you can run solo or in a team and take on other players as they try to get better items carried out via helicopter. Very fun area but I would recommend leveling a little and going in with a team if you are wanting to survive for long.

With this being a partial review we will be circling back soon with more and finish off the full review. So far I highly recommend The Division for any of you RPG peeps out there. Be sure and grab your copy now from Nebraska Furniture Mart for the best deal on console games. As always if you want to throw an invite I am TheyCallMeGeek on XBL.

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