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Oops! Tom Holland “Accidentally” Reveals Spider-Man 2 Title!

written by Laura Mechem June 25, 2018
Tom Holland as Spider-man in 'Spider-man: Homecoming'

Tom Holland: thoughtless accident or great publicity stunt?

Spider-Man: Homecoming actor Tom Holland has revealed the official title of the MCU’s Spider-Man 2. In an Instagram video, Holland apologised that there would be no great revelations about the new Spider-Man movie. Filming backstage from the Ace Seattle Comic Con, the video was a heartfelt message to MCU and Spider-Man fans. He explained that he doesn’t know much and was a “little bit confused” because his character died in Avengers: Infinity War. Holland told fans that he had just been sent the script and was “super excited” to read it. Finally, he spun the screen of his iPad around to reveal the title as Spider-Man: Far From Home!

Sorry for no announcements, but I love you guys ♥️

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So What Could ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Mean?

Now the movie’s existence speaks for the fact that Spider-Man (somehow) survives the events of Avengers: Infinity War. The movie starts shooting next month and is set for release on July 5, 2019. This will fall just a few months after the follow-up to Infinity War. Then could the title be a reference to Peter Parker’s time on “the other side”? Perhaps it follows how Peter copes after his death at the hands of Thanos and resurrection?

We also know that there is set to be an appearance from Spider-Man villain, Mysterio. Perhaps “far from home” could be a reference to this new and unusual foe? Mysterio does not traditionally possess super-human abilities. He is a master of illusion and stage effects. His gas weapons can cause anything from hallucinations to paralysis.

Spider-Man and Mysterio from the comic books

What Else Do We Know?

We now know that Spider-Man: Far From Home will start the MCU’s Phase Four next July. In addition, we are likely to see the return of characters like MJ (Zendaya) and best friend Ned (Jacob Batalon). Jake Gyllenhaal is new to the fold, playing the villain Mysterio opposing Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.

I am so pleased to see this announcement, intentional or not! So are you excited for Marvel’s Phase Four and Spider-Man: Far From Home? What do you think will happen in Far From Home? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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