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Tom Holland Swings into Uncharted Adaptation as Nathan Drake

written by Jordan Cobb May 22, 2017

Uncharted is coming to the big screen, which is no surprise given how cinematic the games are themselves. Certainly a game changer in the presentation of what we come to know as video games, a film adaptation has been long in the works and right now is being developed by Sony (because Uncharted is a PlayStation exclusive series) and Shawn Levy of Night at the Museum series fame is at the helm as director. But who will be series protagonist Nathan Drake? Well how about Spider-Man? Yes, I’m serious.

Sony appears to be going all in on Tom Holland as he has been cast into the role of the charmingly roguish adventurer. The adaptation of the Naughty Dog game franchise appears now to be setup as a prequel well before Nathan’s adult adventures we are so familiar with. It will be more or less taking inspiration from a part of the third game where it explored the relationship between Drake and his friend and mentor Sully.

The new approach does come as a bit of a surprise, but also not so much given how many people have come through and left the project and now it seems Sony has something that they feel comfortable with. Yet I will make a case as it could help better explore Nathan Drake to those in the audience who might never have heard or played the Uncharted games. This could work out and as seen from Captain America: Civil War, Tom Holland is a very capable actor that can go up with anyone.

What is your reaction to news? Do you think this is the right direction and is Holland the right fit for it? Who would you want to play Nathan Drake? Also what is your favorite Uncharted game? Let us know in the comments below!

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