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Tony Todd, Tony Todd, Tony Todd (Flash Season 2 news)

written by Tom_Winstone September 1, 2015


According to Variety, The Flash has cast Tony Todd as the voice of their new villain, Zoom.

Todd is no stranger to fantasy as he has appeared in such movie franchises as Candyman and Final Destination. He is also known to the geek crowd for appearing in Chuck, Stargate: SG1, Smallville and is the voice of Darkseid in the Lego Justice League movie.

The Variety report also noted the Todd would only be providing the voice for Zoom, as the producers were looking for a “demon” like tone. This may suggest, as no actor has been cast to physically portray Zoom, that he will be a CG character as Grodd was in the first season.

Wild speculation to follow:

When the villain was named at Comic Con fan theories looked towards Hunter Zoloman, the modern era Reverse Flash as a possible identity for Zoom.

However given that the producers are looking for a demonic voice, and have stated that Zoom’s motivation will be “primal”, I’m beginning to wonder if Zoom may not be a man at all, but instead the Speedster equivalent of Death, the Black Flash.

The Black Flash

The Black Flash is a character from the comics created by Mark Millar (of Kick Ass fame).  The Black Flash was introduced to be the Grim Reaper for the Flash-Family, as the traditional robed menace was too slow to catch a Speedster.

What can be more primal than death itself? The producers are adding a number of Speedsters to the cast this year…could they be cannon-fodder?

End of wild speculation…for now.

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