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Peaches or Cheeseburger? Top 10 ‘Far Cry 5’ Tips and Tricks!

written by Tyler March 30, 2018
driving in Far Cry 5

If you’ve already been delving into Hope County, you may be thinking what kind of perks to get, how to get them, what specialists to choose, and more. We’ve compiled some best practices and extra tricks to help get you started, or even help continue your explosive (or stealthy) journey across Far Cry 5.

1. The best perks to get first in ‘Far Cry 5’.

Whether you want money, protection, or stealth, here’s a list of perks you definitely need to get first. Some perks offer big bonuses, where others are simply convenience perks:

(8) Harvest Master: This one literally doubles your income from fishing and hunting.  The sooner you grab this perk, the more money you’ll earn early on.

(6) Locksmith: Those who have played Fallout know the frustration of coming across a locked door or safe, and not being able to get into it. Get this now, and the loot you’ll reap will be worth it.

(1) Grapple: This one not only lets you get around the world easier, but some prepper stashes require the use of one. And it’s cheap!

(4) Sneaky Sprint: If you, like me, play like you’re playing a Thief game, then this perk is a must. It lets you move around much faster when sneaking! Sneak sprint, sprint and sneak!

(6) Health Boost: If you, like me, continually fail at sneakery and need extra health to clean up your mess, then this and its subsequent ones are a must!

2. When you’re done hunting, hunt some more.

The best way to get cash, and get it fast, is to hunt. Fishing helps, too! Find a cozy pond with one of the rarer fishes (sturgeons sell for $150 whereas rainbow trout sell for $100, for example) and let the world around you fall as you rake in the coin by fishing.

Far Cry 5, driving downhill on ATV with bear

3. Want Boomer? Who doesn’t?

Once you finish the starter island, head west. North and east go to different regions, which are totally viable, but the most straightforward approach is John Seed’s region in the west. This also happens to be the same region you get to unlock Boomer, everyone’s favorite dog. Obviously, Boomer is the preference to Peaches the cat or Cheeseburger the bear.

4. Talk to everyone, read everything.

One of the best things about Far Cry 5 is how they changed side content progression. Yes, there’s a wisecrack about radio towers near the beginning, but they actually did away with that nonsense. Organically, you find out about secret hideouts, underground bunkers, drugged up moose, and more by simply talking to the locals or exploring the wilderness.

5. Want easy perk points? Change up your style.

I was playing with a buddy, but I was a bit further so I bummed around in-game not doing story missions. I found the menu for “Challenges”. They’re simply things you’d do in game normally, but they reward you with many perk points for simply doing them. Kill an enemy from 150 meters away, get 5 takedowns, and get 40 kills with an assault rifle, for example. This is by far one of the fastest and easiest ways to rack up many perk points to spend.

Far Cry 5's Boomer, the dog

6. Find a prepper mission? Make it a priority.

See that random gem icon that pops up? Don’t ignore that. The amount of cash and perk points you get from completing them is staggering. They don’t take very long, and usually only involve some light platforming puzzles. They are immensely worth it.

7. Keep an eye on the difficulty.

You may want to turn it down to easy at first when you realize some enemies can 2 shot you, but try not to. In fact, once you start unlocking perks, it really makes it balanced. I would even suggest turning the difficulty to hard once you really start gearing up with perks, new weapons, and attachments.

8. Want special unlocks? Do the side stuff.

Although Far Cry 5‘s main story missions and outpost clearing are how you rack up resistance points the quickest, doing certain side missions are the way you access certain unlocks. For example, a specific gun with attachments and a custom paint job, or even a vehicle filled to the brim with customization and onboard weapons, can only be unlocked through specific side missions.

racing in Far Cry 5

9. Don’t forget your binoculars!

For those who are new to the Far Cry franchise, these are invaluable. They tag enemies faster than aiming with weapons, they identify predators and prey, and also distinguish between enemies and allies.

10. You can throw your melee weapons!

The game never tells you this, or really explains it, but you can throw your melee weapons! Nothing more satisfying than hearing the *PING PING* from a take-down, and a third *PING* from flinging your aluminum baseball bat across the room and having it land in another cultist’s face. Simply aim with a melee weapon, then fire!

These tips should give you some extra help on your way to liberate Hope County. Be sure to check out our review coming soon. For those who haven’t picked it up yet, Far Cry 5 launched March 27th on PC, Xbox One, and PS4, and Green Man Gaming currently has it for 10% off right now!

Got any tips of your own? Share them with us in the comments!

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