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Top 5 Most Popular Exclusives From San Diego Comic-Con

written by Mike Speer July 17, 2015


Comic-con exclusives have become one of the main factors for con-goers over the past five years and are only increasing. Attendees race to the booth with the best exclusive as soon as the doors open looking to get their hands on the most valuable collectible on the con floor. At the New York Comic Con, I personally make sure I’m there as early as possible so I’m in line at the Hallmark booth to get this years hot Keepsake.

This year, 750 vendors attended San Diego Comic-Con. Out of those vendors, 79 of them produced over 350 exclusives. There are those few that are flipped for a huge profit a few days later and some fans just like to add these extra rare items to their growing collections. I want to talk about the most popular exclusives from this years con and just how much of an investment they might turn out to be…


iron man

5. Bluefin Iron Man Mark III Floating Bobblehead

Technology, huh? An Iron Man figure that is legit flying? Awesome. This is an update from Bluefin Distribution based on the Beast Kingdom’s Floating Iron Man Mark II. On the con floor this one was going for around $169. Today, it’s going for around $300 on eBay. As unique as it is, do you think you could get any more unique than likenessme custom bobbleheads? Send off your picture and receive a bobblehead that resembles you or anyone who you wish to replicate in a tiny bobblehead form! You won’t find yourself flying though, unfortunately.




4. Hasbro Transformers ‘DEVASTATOR’

Devastator stands at 18″ tall and consists of the six CONSTRUCTICONS. Here is the breakdown from the back of the box…

“DEVASTATOR is a raging hammer of chaos, battling conflicting voices in his head one nanoklik, then crushing his targets the next. He is the perfect weapon, held back by one imperfection: the circuit-clogging conflict caused by bots unable to wield the very power that they themselves bring to life. The CONSTRUCTICONS struggle to successfully merge their thoughts into one cohesive action, making it difficult to focus the wrath of their combined form. Were they able to harness the full force of their collective power, they would give the DECEPTICONS a weapon capable of pounding entire civilizations into dust. As long as that threat exists, DEVASTATOR will loom as a shadow across the universe, an enemy the Autobots – and all the worlds they protect – must fear.

“Prepare to meet your doom. Nothing can withstand the might of DEVASTATOR!”

Devastator originally retailed for $179.99. Apparently no one is saving this one for their collection though as there are over 200 of them up on eBay going for anywhere between $140 and $300.




3. Magic: The Gathering Planeswalkers set

After 22 years, Magic: The Gathering still holds a strong presence in the geek market. Last year, their Garruk Axe con exclusive was a huge collectible to get your hands on and this year is no different with their card set. Another very popular item that flippers are looking to make a profit on originally retailed for $120 and has sold double that.




2. Bandai Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy Black Saba Saber

Speaking of collectibles with a strong presence and long shelf life, The White Ranger and Saba were introduced in the United States in 1994 and still, Power Rangers collectibles are always hot items to get your hands on. As a kid, next to the Dragon Dagger, Saba was definitely the coolest Power Rangers toy there was. This item was so hot, I saw a ton of them up for sale before comic con weekend even began. Currently, there is a Legacy Saba saber in the original white color that retails for about $99. This exclusive, was limited to 1000 pieces and retailed for $175. I’ve seen it sell for as high as $399!



jim lee batman

1. DC Comics BlueLine Edition – Jim Lee Batman action figure (Limited Edition)

BY FAR the most popular collectible I have seen is the Limited Edition Jim Lee Batman figure. Two versions of this figure were available at the con. The Standard Edition retailed for $40. The Limited Edition figure, limited to 150 figures, retailed for $300! Included with each figure is an original sketch drawn and signed by Jim Lee himself of either Batman, The Joker, or Harley Quinn. This gem has sold for $1500 on eBay. So my hats off to you dear friend if you were lucky enough to get your hands on one of these.


Did you make it to Comic-con? Did you get your hands on one of these killer investments? Are there any that you did snag that I missed? Be sure to leave some comments below and let me know.



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