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‘Toy Story 4’ Official Release Date! (Whether You Want It or Not)

written by Nick Allen April 17, 2018
Andy giving his favorite toys to Bonnie, leaving possiibilty for Toy Story 4

Here’s a bit of “in case you missed it” news: the release date for Toy Story 4 has been announced! Mark your calendars, Pixar-lovers. Woody, Buzz, the gang will make their return on June 21, 2019.

Josh Cooley, who started as a Pixar storyboard artist for The Incredibles and wrote the screenplay for Inside Out, made the announcement on his Twitter last week. Cooley will direct the fourth installment of the Toy Story series.

ANOTHER ‘Toy Story’ Sequel? C’mon.

Honestly, that was my first reaction as well. While Generation Y might be looking forward to The Incredibles 2, Pixar’s recent affinity for sequels is a bit worrisome. The Cars sequels were complete messes. Finding Dory was underwhelming, and Monsters University was forgettable. At least they make money, I guess.

The interesting thing is their recent non-sequel movies have been among their absolute best work, especially Coco and Inside Out. These new movies are unique and bold, and are potentially game-changers for animated films. On the other hand, the sequels are formulaic, predictable, and overall bland.

The Toy Story films are different, though. They’re legitimately good. Toy Story was Pixar’s first sequel, but also their third film overall, so it was early enough to not fall into the same traps as other sequels. Toy Story 3 was well-reviewed and well-liked but was also very dark for a children’s movie about toys. To me, it also felt very much like a final chapter in a three-part story. I’m not sure it calls for a fourth film.

Let’s Try to Stay Positive Here for ‘Toy Story 4’

However, if we must have a fourth film, then I choose optimism. Disney and Pixar are going to give us one whether we want it or not. Toy Story 4 has some real potential though.

The way the 3rd film ended definitely lends itself to what could be termed a “soft” reboot. The core group of toys said goodbye to Andy in a very satisfying way. They have a new kid to play with and another group of new toys to get to know. We could have the same simple kind of story as the first film, without doing the exact same thing over again (and without the prison camps and suicide pacts of the third film). Instead, the filmmakers could do something familiar yet different with Bonnie and her toys. Kristen Schaal voicing a toy triceratops is always a good thing.

I’m not sure anyone really wants another of these moviesThat being said, we know Pixar can make a good Toy Story sequel. They’ve made two already, and they crank out great films all the time. There seems to be a reverence for Woody, Buzz, and the other characters that takes these movies to a different level than other Pixar sequels. If they start to decline in quality, hopefully the,y can at least fall with style.

Are you geeks looking forward to Toy Story 4? Or are they getting carried away with old franchises? Sound off in the comments!

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