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Toymail: global parent to kid messaging made fun! REVIEW

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg October 17, 2014

As a parent of a few little geeklings I am always looking for tech to bridge the gap of communication while I am on the go with my little ones. We have used things like Facetime, Google Hangouts, baby webcams that have Skype ability, and many others. Did they do the job…sure, but was it fun? The answer to that questions is NO. Fun is important to the smaller geeklings out there and that’s what keeps them interested. Problem solved with Toymail! Toymail is made to use with a very simple app available on the Android and Apple store. The app gives you the ability to leave messages that will send to the Mailmen (that’s what they are called) unit from anywhere in the world.


The Mailman is connected to your internet via a very simple one time setup and that’s how it takes the messages in. Once the message is received the unit makes a noise to let the little ones know they have a message. They can then press the button on the back of the unit to hear the message and turn right around and reply via their own voice to the sender.

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This whole process is so simple that my two year-old (who calls it The Daddy Box) has this down with no issues. Nothing makes me smile more than all of the messages of gibberish and noises all day long with her letting me know how her day is going on her own time. Mom is not having to help her and she can do it when and how she wishes. Battery life has been pretty solid and is just replaceable by batteries. Plus it is fun for her. Check out the video below.

The Mailmen are very cute and sturdy little square characters that can take the beating of a two-year old and keep on ticking. Depending on which Mailman unit you get some of them have different structures and looks. We received the Bear for our review unit. Being a very solid square there is not any pieces you have to worry about the little ones swallowing or getting into trouble with. Instruction set up is very simple in the box and you will be up and going in a few minutes. The Mailmen retail at $59 and for any parents or grand parents out there this is awesome. Check out their whole line of Mailmen and get one ordered. Thanks to Toymail I am having a blast with my two-year old and she gets to hear her daddy whenever she wants or needs to. Share this one with any parents out there that might love to hear their kids as well.  Go get yours at the green button below.

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