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King Kong Returns in Massive First Trailer for Kong: Skull Island

written by josh.adams November 17, 2016

Giant face of King Kong. Movie poster.

The King is back, everybody!  March 10, 2017 marks the date that Hollywood hallmark, King Kong, once again makes his return to theaters. Legendary Pictures and the producers of 2014’s Godzilla have come together to bring us the biggest, baddest Kong to date.  And, in keeping with modern monster movie tradition, he’s big(ger than ever before), he’s pissed, and we’re in his way. The film, featuring the likes of Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, John Goodman, Brie Larson, and John C. Reilly (anyone else picking up on the Marvel vibe here?), will take audiences once again to the home of the titular King Kong – Skull Island. The last time movie goers were sent to the Kingdom of Kong was in 2005  when Peter Jackson tossed his vision into the ring to modernize the telling of the classic cinematic story. This time around, things are a little bit different.

Taking place in what feels like a post-Vietnam War time period, Kong: Skull Island promises a more modern take on the tale than what we’ve seen in the past. When a scientific expedition goes awry, it’s up to the crew to band together and survive not only the wrath of Kong, but vicious looking creatures named “Skull Crawlers,” and a litany of other monstrous machinations. The trailer gives us plenty of action and large scale shots that give us an idea of just how enormous Kong is going to be this time around. We’re also given quite a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor that we haven’t really seen in a Kong movie before; which is kind of odd considering that funny man Jack Black played a huge role in Jackson’s previous Kong film.

My first impression of the trailer was largely positive. King Kong is one of those classic Hollywood staples that we’ll probably never stop seeing. While I think it’s interesting that the film features so many actors that either are or have been attached to Marvel Studios pictures, it’s fairly obvious that Legendary is trying to appeal to a broader audience by injecting humor and familiar faces into such a venerable franchise. Ultimately, Kong: Skull Island looks to me like a combination of the Vietnam scenes from Forrest Gump, and the scale of Godzilla 2014, with some Marvel flare thrown in for familiarity and fun. To make things even more interesting, rumors are circulating that tease the possibility of a Godzilla vs. King Kong movie for the, perhaps, not too distant future!  What do you think?  Let us know in the comments below!

The trailer comes a few months off the heels of Universal Studios’ opening of Skull Island: Reign of Kong, a 3D theme park ride and the newest addition to the Islands of Adventure park in Orlando. Check back to DHTG to read our review of the attraction.  Long live the King.

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