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Transformers: The Last Knight Casts An Actual Knight

written by Bookwyrm June 4, 2016
Transformers: The Last Knight - Optimus Prise

Transformers: The Last Knight just added some serious talent to its ranks. Sir Anthony Hopkins, who chewed up scene after scene (along with some fava beans and a nice chianti) in Silence of the Lambs and channeled his inner badass to portray Thor’s dad Odin in the Thor films (including the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok), has joined the cast of Transformers 5 in an unspecified role.

Yes, you read that right. Hollywood legend and universally-acknowledged fantastic actor Anthony Hopkins has signed on to be in a Transformers movie.

Let’s let that sink in for a minute. Anthony Hopkins. Transformers.

Anthony Hopkins joins the cast of Transformers: The Last Knight

In all seriousness, this really shouldn’t come as a surprise. The films, as arguable as their quality might be, rake in cash like gangbusters. And even renowned actors like Hopkins need a payday once in a while. Besides, Hopkins is far from the first to slum it in a Transformers film. Previous entries in the franchise have included the likes of Frances McDormand, Kelsey Grammer, Leonard Nimoy, and John Tuturro. And lest we forget that cinema legend Orson Welles was among the voice cast of the 1986 animated Transformers film.

It remains to be seen how extensive a role Hopkins will have in the film, though it will almost certainly be a considerable one due to his Hollywood clout and how early his casting has been announced. Will he appear as one of the series’ often-criticized and overused human characters? Will he be the voice of an underutilized robot character? Hero? Villain? Time, and the internet, will tell.

Until then, we can all just sit and wonder what kind of dirt someone had on Sir Hopkins that would make him sign that particular dotted line. We hope his family isn’t in any immediate danger.

Sir Anthony Hopkins will join returning cast members Mark Wahlberg and Josh Duhamel alongside overly animated versions of Optimus Prime and company when Transformers: The Last Knight drops on June 23, 2017.

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