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Tribit XFree Move Headphones Review: Are They Anything Like Beats?

written by Quinzel Lee December 26, 2017
closeup of Tribit XFree Move headphones in pink

Having a decent pair of headphones is kind of a huge deal, so I was excited to try out Tribit XFree Move wireless Bluetooth headphones. There’s a big difference between $5 earbuds and, say, Beats headphones. And while this is sort of a First World problem, nothing is worse than having a shitty pair of headphones on hand when you need to use them the most.

You’ve been there: listening to a scratchy, underwater song or trying to hear Netflix over a crying child on a plane. It certainly feels like the world has failed you in that moment. However, the glorious savior that can be a good pair of headphones makes all the difference. So I got a free pair of Tribit XFree Move Bluetooth headphones to review, and tried them out to see if they would live up to my First World Expectations, or just give me First World Problems.


I can’t lie; I am a sucker for cute things. Apparently, these headphones come in three colors: pink, mint, and black. I chose pink and was not disappointed. In fact, I’m pretty sure I squealed in delight once I took them out of the box. The color popped, but even the overall look just had me dying of cute. No complaints here.


I hate earbuds because they fall out of my ears, but end up hating most other headphones because I can’t lay around with them. They end up feeling a little too rough on my ears. These headphones were surprisingly comfy enough to fall asleep on my side with. 10/10 would recommend!


The controls were fairly easy: volume up (+), volume down (-), and play/pause, all aligned on the right ear of the headphones. I will say, at times they got confused whether I was pressing for volume, or long pressing to skip a song or YouTube video. So, they would turn up the volume when I needed to skip, and skip when I really just needed to adjust the volume. After a while, I got the hang of it, and it did begin to only happen every so often.


If you are looking for headphones you can port anywhere, these may not be it. They don’t fold, and they don’t fit really comfortable around your neck. So unless you have a big enough bag to keep them in, they’re a little hard to travel around with.

Battery Life

Like the cute pink Energizer bunny, Tribit XFree Move headphones keep going and going and going. They do advertise 14 hours of use, but do say you get a little less than that if you use them with no break in-between. So testing that out, I got about 12 hours the very first time before they went dead. Still, you wouldn’t have to worry about charging it more than once a day. To me, that is a major plus!

But What Do Tribit XFree Move Sound Like Though?

Ok so, what you really want to know is, how do these headphones sound? While not the crisp clear sound of some of the higher-end Bluetooth headphones, these babies certainly aren’t bad at all! Netflix, music, YouTube all sounded incredible. Making phone calls with this was great. I could hear the other caller really well and didn’t have to set the volume to full blast. There is an aux cord for items that don’t have Bluetooth capability, so I tested it out on my Nintendo DS to see if that compromised the sound at all. To my surprise, the sound was still great! Another plus for me is I could listen to it on full volume without disturbing the person next to me. That’s great for when you are crunching numbers with your day job and don’t really want them to overhear the lyrics on your Gangsta Rap Pandora station.

Tribit XFree Move bluetooth headset closeup in black box

Overall, I’d definitely recommend the Tribit XFree Move Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. If you’re not quite able to afford something like Beats, these babies will definitely do the trick for you! If you are looking to own a pair of your own, buy them here!

Does anyone out there own a pair of these and wanna tell us what you think? Thinking about snagging a pair of your own after reading this review? Give us a shout in the comments section!

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