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Tumblr Cabana App: For When Friends Can’t Watch YouTube in the Same Room

written by Jude Kasekamp April 19, 2017

Tumblr, every internet hipster’s favourite blogging platform, launched a brand new app. The thing is, it’s very unlike Tumblr. You used to send your friends a link to the video you just found, or wait until you were hanging out together to stick your screen in their faces. With the Tumblr Cabana app, you can all watch that viral cat video at the same time. Check it out.

animation of Tumblr's Cabana app

From Tumblr’s errm.. Tumblr post:

Hey! We made a new iPhone app. It’s called Cabana and it’s for hanging out with friends and watching videos.

Wait, a whole new app?

Yup, a whole new app.


Yeah! It’s good. You just open it, video chat with up to five friends, and watch stuff together.

Hey, neat. Anything else I should know?

Nah, it’s pretty simple. It looks like that👇 . We’ve got some ideas about where to go with it, but hey, all in good time.

The premise is pretty simple. Tumblr hopes to recreate the dynamic of hanging out with your friends, watching YouTube together. You launch the app, and your friends get a notification. Up to 6 people can be in the video chat together. You all watch the YouTube video you’ve picked out simultaneously, and you get to see your friends’ reactions. Or lack of.

David Karp, founder and CEO of Tumblr, sounds pretty stoked:

“When I saw [the app for the first time], I said, ‘S***, I can’t believe you actually can’t do this yet.’ Yeah, you can hang out with your buddies in a group chat, yeah you can send somebody a link to a video. But that experience of getting to sit there there and watch [a video] with them as they watch it for the first time, that just didn’t exist yet.”

Cabana will be run separately from Tumblr’s main service. While Tumblr’s user base has slowed in growth, the company is looking to expand to more dynamic (and higher risk) areas. Unfortunately, Cabana seems like a one-trick pony at the moment. How many YouTube videos can you really get people to watch in a day? Wait… don’t answer that question.

More features are promised in the near future, along with an Android launch, as Cabana is only available on iPhone at the moment.

Are you downloading the Tumblr Cabana app? Do you think this is is something you’ll actually use regularly? Let us know!

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