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TWD Hangover: Mid-season Premiere or “WTF” Recap [Spoilers]

written by Brainy Librarian February 9, 2015

Screenshot_2015-02-08-21-29-53Last night’s mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead seemed like a student film I had to sit through in college. Strange dialogue, Stan Brakhage-type flares (you film majors know what I’m talking about.), and a lot of “WTF?” moments.

Despite all this, it was a decent episode. Here’s your recap:



The gang decides to go somewhere outside Richmond, Virginia in hopes of getting Noah back to his family. When they arrive at the community, its been raided and is, in Rick’s words, “gone.”


Glenn finds a bat and I can’t help the feeling that this is MAJOR FORESHADOWING. Comic spoiler: Glenn dies in the hands of bat covered in barbed wire.


Noah runs off to find his home and sees a family member, presumably his mother, dead. Unfortunately, Tyreese gets bit in the arm by one of Noah’s brothers who is already a walker. Then things get weird.


This long dead Terminus guy shows up and apparently, even in death, can still chew bubble gum in the most annoying way.


Then the Governor shows up. Sure, why not? Join the dead people party. All we need is music…..


Aaaaaand cue Beth and her singing.

The gang chops off Tyreese’s arm but he still takes a turn for the worse. We see Rick burying him and Father Gabriel giving a eulogy. I’m not entirely surprised by his death but I really was hoping for more bonding between him and Rick like in the comics. Oh well. Rest in peace, Tyreese.

One last “WTF” moment:


These torsos fell out of a truck. Their foreheads have “W”s??? Woodbury? Or another sign pointing to Morgan? Predictions, anyone?

Overall, a B-. I can’t say I was particularly attached to Tyreese. I would have liked to have seen a tender moment between him and his woman, Karen.  Why wasn’t she invited to the dead people party?

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