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TWD Hangover: Recap Last Night’s Episode “The Distance”

written by Brainy Librarian February 23, 2015


First off, I could not stop singing “The Distance” by Cake once I heard the title of last night’s episode. “She’s going the distance/She’s going for speed.”

Anyhow, the very clean L.L. Bean character (Aaron), tries to convince the group to come back to his camp. But then Rick just ends up knocking him out, of course.  Rick is becoming a hot-head like Shane, but not nearly as sexy.


A small group decides to go check out whether or not Aaron is telling the truth about having 2 vehicles….


He is. Whenever I see an RV I think of two things: Heisenberg and Dale.


Glenn knows how to fix the RV and I think this was a little nod to Dale.  :,(


We had a flare go off inside a walker. Kill of the week? Kill of the week.


Aaron and his significant other, Eric, are reunited. Rick is still unsure about these two. But Michonne is the one to convince him to let go and have hope again.

The gang finally arrives at the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Will it be like the comics? I think so.  We’ll see how they adjust to life there and maybe finally see Negan?

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