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TWD Hangover: Self-Help Recap [Spoilers]

written by Brainy Librarian November 10, 2014


There are few, or maybe no scientist that can rock the mullet, aka the “Tennessee Top Hat.” Eugene finally revealed that he was lying, shocking viewers and not really shocking comic fans. Here are a few more highlight’s from last night’s episode, “Self-Help.” No screenshots of Eugene watching Abraham and Rosita being intimate, sorry.

Clearly, driving in a zombie apocalypse causes more accidents, even with nothing in the way. Is Abraham taking driving lessons from Lori?



Abraham and the gang find shelter in a book store. ¬†Am I the only nerd that would try to stay there longer? Or at least take some decent reading material to drown out the garbage Eugene talks about? “That’s classified.”



Maybe it’s because I have to watch every episode from a tablet that I couldn’t tell what was going on in this scene:


This guy nailed it:


Eugene. You big doof. I worry to see what Abraham will do next. But oh yeah, there’s a much more interesting plot with Carol and Daryl.

Overall, a mediocre episode. Grade C-

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