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TWD Hangover: The One Where Rick Showers

written by Brainy Librarian March 2, 2015



Here’s a recap of last night’s episode of The Walking Dead, “Remember.” The group is trying to make sense of Alexandria. They must first “interview” with Deanna, Alexandria’s leader. I’m glad this was different from the comic. More women lead characters are always welcome.



The group is skeptical. They must forfeit their weapons and feel uneasy. They decide to stay together in one house, in one room and you can sense their anxiety.




Rick finally gets to shower and shave. RIP Rick’s beard.


Daryl is the odd man out. He doesn’t seem to want to adapt nor even shower. Carol pokes fun at him and says she will hose him down as he sleeps. I have a feeling his isolation will only lead to problems.



Carl makes friends! However, they’ve been sheltered in Alexandria since the outbreak, like most of the residents there. Carl tells Rick he thinks they’re weak and staying there will make themselves weak.



And there’s always bad apples in the bunch. Aidan will likely be opposition for the group. He is the proclaimed leader of the groups who does runs for food, materials, etc. Glenn let him have a good punch that was actually praised by Deanna.



Then, there’s the husband to the former-hairstylist. Comic readers will know this plays out interestingly but I worry about the non-comic characters, like Daryl and how they fit in with all this….


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