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TWD Hangover: Top 5 Highlights from Last Night’s Episode [SPOILERS]

written by Brainy Librarian October 27, 2014


Last night’s episode, “Four Walls and a Roof,” opens with a lengthy monologue from Gareth. Anyone else think he’s the kind of guy who just runs his mouth to hear his own voice?

1. Bob reveals he was bitten by a walker and yelled, “TAINTED MEAT!” You can see Sasha become a bit more hardened from losing Bob.

2.  Predictions on what this was? Did I miss something?


3. Hilarious Eugene and Abraham moment:

Abraham: Eugene, move it!

Eugene: I don’t want to.

Abraham: NOW!!!!

Eugene: ‘K.

4. To be serious for a second, Glenn has taken over role as the moral center. First it was Dale, then it was Herschel, now Glenn has taken the reigns.  After part of the group brutally kills the Terminus people, we can see his shocked face as he’s the only one with some humanity left.


5.  Michonne is reunited with her sword, with Daryl and….?


Next week is a Beth episode. Kill Beth, I’m fine with it. Just leave Carol alone.


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