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TWD Review: Season 7 Episode 4 “Service”

written by Jake Tanner November 13, 2016
Negan smiles at Rick

Negan stands outside of Alexandria



“Little pig! Little pig! Let me in!” Negan as the Big Bad Wolf was a recurring theme throughout the episode this week. AMC continues to tell the story between Rick and the Saviors at a slow burn. Negan is finally visiting Alexandria for his first collection. What is he going to take? Is anyone else going to fall victim to Negan and Lucille?

I love that AMC is taking their time with telling Something to Fear. I had legitimate fears that they would gloss over this part of the story, and I believe it’s an essential component to building Negan into the biggest baddie Rick and company are ever going to encounter.

Jeffery Dean Morgan continues to blow me away as Negan. This show has done a terrific job casting most of the roles, but they haven’t, nor will they ever be this spot on with giving an actor a specific role again. I know Negan is supposed to be a villain that you love to hate, but I can’t help but love what he’s bringing to the show. This week, he’s come to Alexandria to collect, and for many residents, this is their first interaction with him. You really get the vibe that Negan isn’t done sending his message to Rick and the group either. Negan absolutely broke Rick during the premiere, but now I’m getting the sense that Negan wants to show everyone else his handy work.

Negan delivers an iconic line to Rick in the comics

How great was this scene? Something to Fear is definitely something AMC is sticking to the source material on, and they absolutely should. Rick has definitely been broken by Negan. He’s still full of surprises though. Rick finally revealed that he knows that Judith is Shane’s in a really emotional moment with Michonne. I think it was a great touch by Kirkman to show us just how vulnerable he feels right now.

I’ve praised Jeffery Dean Morgan as Negan to death. In doing so, I feel like I’ve overlooked someone else that has been really bringing it on the show…Dwight. I really questioned what they were doing with Dwight when he was introduced last season. Austin Amelio has really changed my mind as he plays a constantly conflicted Dwight. You can tell he’s burdened by what Negan is forcing him to do to Daryl, but you also get the sense that after being powerless for so long, he’s really enjoying being able to do whatever the hell he wants now.

Viewers that are craving pure action after the premiere are again going to be disappointed in this episode. Something to Fear isn’t about action. It’s a psychologically draining story-line that is going to have a profound effect on everyone involved. We’ve already seen what it’s done to Rick, and I don’t think Michonne is far behind. Negan took everything nearest and dearest to the group this week. He took everything from their guns and medicine; even the beds on which the survivors slept. You also get to see that Negan taking things isn’t purely for self gain. It took a couple of viewings for me, but there’s smoldering pile of something that Michonne happens upon towards the end of the episode. At first I thought it was a pile of rubble. It turns out that Negan torched every last mattress he took from Alexandria. Classic Negan.

Tensions are going to continue to rise in Alexandria. Michonne and Rick are going to butt heads just like Rick did with Andrea in the comics, but she’s eventually going to bring Rick back around. I also think that we’re going to be seeing a classic scene involving Negan and Spencer in the near, near future. Spoilers in the pictures below if you don’t want to know!

Negan guts Spencer in the comic books

All-in-all this was a pretty solid episode. As I said before, if you want pure action, Something to Fear isn’t going to be for you. I’d also urge you to stay patient with this story-line as it leads to All Out War. I’m really loving the justice AMC is doing to Something to Fear, and I hope it lasts all season to be honest with you. I don’t think that’ll be the case. I think we’re going to see All Out War beginning sometime around the mid-season finale/premiere. This has been my favorite season of the show to date, so I’m on-board for whatever AMC wants to do at this point.

What did you guys think of the episode? Are you digging Something to Fear? I’d love to hear from all of you, so join in on the conversation in the comments below! Also, don’t forget to check out the videos for next week!

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