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TWD Review: Season 7 Episode 7 “Sing Me A Song”

written by Jake Tanner December 5, 2016
Daryl in Sanctuary The Walking Dead

Negan stands in Sanctuary The Walking Dead



Thank GOD! The interesting crew is back on the show! What I really mean when I say interesting is, Negan is back this week! It starts off with a bang too! We get to see yet another classic moment from the comic books. Take a gander for yourself below.

Carl shoots the saviors in sanctuary. The Walking Dead

Jeffery Dean Morgan is scary good at playing a sociopath. He’s also doing a great job playing up the confusing friendship he’s going to build from now on with Carl. Carl was raised in this world, it’s perfectly understandable that he’d be messed up. We’re going to see this relationship continue to grow in the coming weeks and seasons.

He doesn’t know it yet, but Eugene is about to become one of, if not the most important person in Alexandria. He’s definitely not an alpha dog, nor does he want to be one; unlike Spencer. I won’t spoil it just yet, but we’re going to really see what Spencer is made of soon. (The comic fans will get it! Ha!)

Negan has mentioned his…harem of wives, tonight we finally get to see just what he’s talking about. They follow the exact same rule that Negan has in the comics, “you get whatever you want, there’s just one rule. You can’t cheat on Negan.” It sounds like Mark has been breaking that rule. Dwight’s “ex-wife” has mentioned time and time again that whatever Negan is dishing out, it can get “worse.” What’s worse is pretty simple.

Negan gives the iron in The Walking Dead

It won’t get stated enough when you see recaps/reviews of tonight’s episode, but we finally saw just a LITTLE fight out of Daryl when he caught a glimpse of Carl. I don’t think that can be stated enough.

I guess Rick and the gang are only a day away from their next Savior visit. It doesn’t seem like it’s been long since their last one; especially since we haven’t really seen them in a couple of weeks. They’re definitely throwing caution to the wind to find Negan his “something interesting.”

Pardon my French, but the casting of Spencer was perfect, because this guy comes off as a real dick-bag. He definitely doesn’t see the real leadership qualities that Rick possesses. Spencer is going to have a real issue letting go of the past and it’s going to end up coming to bite him right on the ass. It’s also going to make for another great scene on the show that they pull directly from the comics, if we’re lucky enough to see it. He also has the potential to turn it around a lot like Father Gabriel has. Spencer right now, in Gabriel’s words, is “a real shit…for now.” I could see the show turning it around and taking his character a completely opposite way, even though I hope they don’t.

It’s Christmastime and Negan is a gift that keeps on giving! He gives us another present tonight ripped straight out of the comics! We get to see the gross part of Carl’s eye!

Carl show's Negan his eye on The Walking Dead

This actually shows us our first humanizing look at Negan. He may be a total sociopath, but deep, deep down, he’s still human. He also reminds us that Carl doesn’t go without punishment for killing two men when he got to Sanctuary…again giving us YET ANOTHER scene from the comics. (Which is also the episode’s title.)

Carl sings to Negan The Walking Dead

As soon as Negan shows you how human he can be, the show goes and shows you just how gross it can be. You saw the panel of him giving Mark the iron in the panel above, the show gave it to us shot-for-shot. The glance between Dwight and his “ex-wife” was a great use of foreshadowing about what’s to come.

Negan is a monster at the end of the day. While that will always be true, it’s nice to see him humanized, if only for a glimpse in tonight’s episode. The show has been S-L-O-W recently, but tonight is about on par for what we should expect. It’s been a slow season that will ramp up right before the mid-season finale. Tonight was also the best episode TO DATE as far as giving us moments from the comics. The Walking Dead at its core will always be a comic book show; sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of that.

Eugene also took a step forward tonight. His role in the episode was minuscule at best, but he’s about to become a major player. That’s going to include some big changes in the way the dude carries himself.

Next week also has promise to get pretty interesting. Negan is back at Alexandria, and he’s got his hands on little “ass-kicker.” Only time will tell what’s going to happen.

I LOVED tonight’s episode! My guess is someone is gonna die next week; probably Spencer. What did you guys think of it? Do you love seeing moments from the comics directly inserted into the show? Jump in on the conversation in the comments below!

As always, don’t forget to check out your teaser/sneak peak for next week’s season finale below!


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