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Twitch and Old Spice – PAX East Duo

written by Liana "LiLi" R. April 23, 2016


“Twitch and Old Spice deodorant – a match made in PAX East” … not really a sentence one would normally string together but that’s just the way things roll when PAX East is in full force.

Conventions are a place where dreams come true for gamers, comic buffs, and all around nerds alike. Breaking news, exclusive access, hordes of people with common interests – gaming cons┬ácan definitely be a type of paradise. But with the hordes of people comes the waft of a not so sweet smell. You know the smell I’m talking about. Thousands of anxious people fretting between panel to panel, the sweat starts to amass at alarming rates … a certain ‘sour’ smell becomes a little more than a casual whiff. It’s totally cool though, Twitch and Old Spice has your (smelly) back!

Enter the partnership that no one realised they needed until it happened. This epic marketing move came to light when Lawbreakers studio Boss Key Cliff Bleszinski gave a shout out over on Twitter earlier today:


Can we all just take a moment to appreciate this? Because it is a genius marketing move on Old Spice’s part. Old Spice officially announced that they sponsoring the Twitch “Partner Meet and Greet Zone” for all three day’s at this years PAX. Who doesn’t want to smell their best when meeting some of their favourite broadcasters. Touche’, Old Spice, touche’.

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