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Uncle Sam Wants You to Eat Cheese!

written by Ali L May 13, 2016

Holy Mountain of cheese, Batman! It seems, despite American’s long lasting love of cheese, we have somehow accumulated a MASSIVE stockpile and as production remains steady, experts are worried we’re going to run out of space to store it all.

The reason for this is that the dairy industry has to produce years ahead of the market because, well, cheese takes time to make.  This means, because of course producers cannot accurately predict the future of the industry, if they predict a growth in the industry beyond what actually gets eaten, well, voila, millions of pounds of uneaten cheese.

Stacks of cheeses

In fact, according to a report by CNSNews, as of this week there’s a surplus in the US of about 95 million pounds! And although this could mean a more competitive price market for dairy farmers in the US, it also means the likelihood of dropping prices for US consumers.

And according to the image below, it doesn’t seem our consumption is projected to subside anytime in the near future.

US cheese consumption

What do you think? Should we rally together as Americans to absorb the surplus and eat all that extra cheesey-goodness or should we demand that the industry drop the costs lower first? Maybe you think we should take a page from the people of New Zealand and host a National Cheese Month!? Let us know!

Also, check out this model American doing his part to ebb the surplus!

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