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Urban Armor Gear Rugged Pixel Case Review

written by Sarah Awbrey Johnson January 30, 2017
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I’ve had my Google Pixel for almost two months now, and this case has been life saving. My first two weeks with the Pixel I dropped it on the tile floor of an ICU and shattered the whole screen. After a costly replacement, I wanted to be sure that my next case would protect my phone from everything. The Urban Armor Gear case has done a fantastic job maximizing protection while minimizing bulkiness.

Pixel in case

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The UAG Pixel case makes it easier to use the phone quickly and efficiently. That cannot be said about many phone cases on the market, especially for newly released phones. The case itself is made of a thin material that absolutely refuses to be scratched. I often put my phone in my jacket pocket along with my keys, and this case has remained completely unscratched despite everyday wear. The thin armor like case backing gives great protection without bulk. Finally, a case that doesn’t make it look like you have a brick in your back pocket!

The rubber casings over the power and volume buttons are pronounced, but not bulky. They actually helped me navigate the buttons more easily than before I got the case. The opening for the charge port has also helped me plug my phone in more easily in the dark. I can just feel for the opening and plug the phone in without worrying about scratching the phone or the case.

Phone case back

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UAG phone case

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Admittedly, there were a few. With this UAG case they were no big deal. The rubber on all four corners helped to cushion the impact of the drops and the rubber also added a lip to distance the corner of my phone from the floor or ground. When the phone fell off my lap face up, the rubber studs in the back of the phone case absorbed the shock. I picked the phone up and have had no stress fractures or loose buttons since!

A special feature on the Pixel’s case is thicker casing around the fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone. It saved my scanner from being shattered by adding more distance between the scanner and the ground. The shock absorbing rubber studs around the scanner also prevents damage while still giving you full access. This case has made that horrifying moment of anticipation when you have to pick your phone up off the ground and check for damage an absolute joke. There will never be damage with UAG.

Currently there aren’t many color options for UAG’s pixel case, but you can check out their other phone case lines for future colors here. The modern industrial look not only helps protect your phone, but also looks great on your tech. UAG puts your phone’s safety first. So give yourself a little peace of mind and order this or another case from Urban Armor Gear for your smartphone.

If you like what you saw be sure and grab yours here from Amazon.

If you’re looking for something a bit more personal to put on your phone, you could consider purchasing a custom phone case. You can order them with a photo of your choice and are available for a range of phone mobiles.

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