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F-bombs away! USA, SyFy networks ease language censorship

written by Alex Lopez February 18, 2018

My, how times change. In the not so distant past, four letter words were only for premium channels. HBO and Cinemax let the profanity fly and you could watch a movie as intended. However, cable TV was a different story. Profanity was either muted or bleeped. In some cases, you would get an anime fan’s worse nightmare, the dreaded dub. I mean, come on! We can all see that he did not say “frack”! Well, ladies and gentlemen, those days look like they might be over. Fuck yeah!

USA and SyFy, both owned by NBC, announced that they will be easing up the censorship of the F-word. While some cable networks already allow this during late night programming, USA and SyFy will allow the word to air uncensored during the primetime hours. This is a huge step for cable television. However, some networks have already begun to ease censorship. AMC allowed shows like Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead to push the boundaries of profanity on cable. Of course, Comedy Central also pushes the limits of censorship. Back during its Secret Stash lineup, shows would regularly push the envelope with language.

Of course, the networks won’t just drop F-bombs all willy nilly now. A spokesperson for SyFy stated that if appropriate for the style or plot, then you will hear profanity. With that being said, the new rules come at a great time. USA’s hit show Mr. Robot and Syfy’s Happy are already benefiting from the loosening of the rules. And with the upcoming Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G. on USA, we can experience the show raw and uncut, as it should be. All of this does bring up a good question; what took so long?

Real life is ugly sometimes. It is violent and vulgar. While television is an escape for many people, there are many shows that reflect real life. Shows like Law and Order portray the real life ugliness we see everyday. So if real life is ugly, why can’t our TV shows be a true reflection of the outside world. With networks like USA and Syfy easing up on the censorship, it looks like our TV shows are one step closer to real life. Maybe that isn’t a bad thing.

Sound off, geeks! What do you think of the networks easing up the censorship? Let us know in the comments.

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