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Vans’ Toy Story Shoe Collection Revealed

written by Jason Marcano October 4, 2016

Popular skate shoe manufacturer Vans has been around for quite some time. Since 1966 to be exact. Over the decades little has changed about their timeless designs—if it ain’t broke and all that. While the feel of classics like the SK8-Hi hasn’t changed, the comfy kicks have seen their fair share of redesigns with some big name collaborators.

Not that long ago, Vans teamed up with Nintendo to bring us a collection any geek would love. Now they’re partnering with Disney and Pixar to bring us a line of products featuring characters from Toy Story.


Set to go on sale October 7th, the Toy Story collection will feature not just shoes, but backpacks, hoodies, and more.


Toy Story is a movie I grew up with, we all did. It dealt with loss of innocence, growing up, and learning how to let go of the past. It was about the bonds of friendship, and celebrated each toy’s unique personalities, flaws, and talents. The series of films touched a lot of people when they first released, and still resonates with the youth today. Toy Story will forever be a part of growing up much in the way films like Christmas Story and Wizard of Oz are.


The Toy Story collection from Vans is ideal for children in age and of heart. These SK8-Hi reissues based on Woody’s cowboy boots are what’s catching my eye and most likely my dollars this holiday.


The Vans x Toy Story collection will go on sale starting October 7th, that’s just three days away! You can check out the full collection here. Vans has always been one of my favorite brands of shoes. Even though my skating days are long behind me, I have yet to find a more comfortable pair of everyday shoes. I will definitely be snagging me a pair.

You geeks let us know in the comments if you’ll be rocking any of this gear this holiday, and stick with DHTG. We’ve got some talented new blood incoming, and you don’t want to miss what they’re bringing to the table. Give us a like and follow to stay up to date with all things geeky.

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