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Behold, the Teaser Trailer and First Glimpse at Venom!

written by Jordan Cobb February 8, 2018

Well, here it is, our first look at Sony’s ambitious project, Venom. The teaser trailer is here so check it out below!

I will say, this is a good teaser since it does entice you to want to know. The trailer plays out like its promoting a horror film actually the way its paced, edited, and scored, which just intrigues me a little more about the project itself. Though I do hope for a horror vibe in the film itself. Hopefully rated R.

Venom Comic

What’s smarter is holding off on the look of Venom, but we do get a brief glimpse as to how the symbiote looks and yeah, it’s just more or the same, but really what matters is how its shot and moves. Its a character in its own right and it’s looking like that thing is about to cause some major destruction.

I think Tom Hardy still is a pretty good choice to play Eddie Brock, he’s got impeccable┬árange and certainly looks the part of Eddie. We only get fleeting looks at the Michelle Williams as Ann Weying and Riz Ahmed’s Carlton Drake, the only known cast members and characters at the moment, but hey good range of talent there.

Now what people are gonna keep going on about is the possible involvement of Spider-Man in the movie. When Venom was announced it made everyone shake their heads and then everyone got confused thanks to the poor wording of whatever producer Amy Pascal would say about how the rights for Spider-Man work between Sony’s continued attempt of a Spider-Man film universe and Marvel Studios with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Trust me, I’m still as confused as you are.

Could we see Spider-Man in the movie? Maybe, they might be keeping it completely secret until the film comes out, which would be impressive that it doesn’t leak until its October 5 release date. We’ll see in the fall!

What did you think of the trailer? Are you excited? Who do you hope to see in the movie? Let us know in the comments!

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