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Venom to Spread Out Further with the Venomverse Event

written by Jordan Cobb May 31, 2017

Venom fever continues to run wild!

Yes, it seems that the long-standing nemesis of Spider-Man and often anti-hero has gotten a big boom recently. He’s getting a movie from Sony with Tom Hardy in the titular role, Marvel just published the 150th issue of any ongoing solo title of his, and now he will be the main focus of the next big Marvel Comics event book.

Enter the Venomverse!

Comic writing superstar Cullen Bunn will be taking the reigns of this event as the writer and the central idea of the book is to explore why Eddie Brock is the best one to have worn the symbiote and why he still needs it. Now if Venomverse sounds slightly familiar, well it kind of does. There was an event from 2014 titled Spider-Verse that explored the multiverse of Spider-Men throughout Marvel and it seems that his dark counterpart is getting the same.

Editor Devin Lewis said about the book, “If Spider-Verse was Saving Private Ryan, then Venomverse is Die Hard.” Lewis also mentioned the other goal for the book, saying, “There was an opportunity we saw, not only to put Venom back on Earth, but also to re-centralize him as a Spider-Man villain.”

Bunn certainly is excited to take this book head on. “To be involved in something so epic in scale, it’s an opportunity I wouldn’t have passed up in a million years.”

The symbiote will be spreading its gooey black tentacles everywhere as seen by these images of several Marvel characters getting infected by the susbstance.

Also like Spider-Verse, Venomverse will have a book leading up to it, Edge of Venomverse, which is where we’re most likely to see those Venomized versions of the characters above and more. The first issue comes out on June 28 and lead up to Vencomverse #1 in September.

What is your reaction to this? Does it sound exciting? Who do you wanna see get Venomized? Let us know in the comments below!

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